Stephanie Pearce: A jump that made me cool |

Stephanie Pearce: A jump that made me cool

Stephanie Pearce

Stephanie Pearce

As the snow falls, memories of winters past flood my mind. Our family used to play in the snow frequently. What else do you do when most days the seasons are winter? Our favorite snow activity was snowmachining.

We went as a family for the first time when my son was six years old. We bought him a 440 Arcticat Panther as a Christmas present. When he first got it, we let him run it all over the fields at the ranch, but that got old quickly. He soon wanted to go to all the places that dad went.

One weekend, we decided he could ride behind me, and he wasn't happy about it. He complained a little, but was also excited just to get to go somewhere besides the fields.

We went to Black Mountain and unloaded in the parking lot. My plan was to stay on the trail, but my husband had other plans. He told me to just follow him.

I was finishing getting my son’s helmet on and make sure he was comfortable behind me when the husband took off. I saw his tracks and where he went, but I couldn’t see him anymore. He had gone up the side of a hill.

I knew I was going to have to gather some speed to get the little machine up the side of the hill to follow him, especially with two of us on it. I wanted to be sure my son enjoyed the experience. The last thing I wanted was to get stuck right off the bat.

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I told my boy to hold on, and I gunned it. I tried to stay in my husband’s tracks and kept moving. I couldn’t wait until we hit the top.

When we finally crested the top, I was hauling. We were flying through the air. I cleared the trail at the top of the hill. My husband sat up there waiting for us. I remember when I looked down to see him — I’m pretty sure he had a total look of surprise under his helmet.

When we landed, I maneuvered us back onto the trail before I stopped to check on my son. When I stopped, he jumped off and let out a scream of excitement. He took off his helmet and ran over to his dad and yelled, "Did you see that? My mom is so cool, she jumped the road! That was awesome!"

Somehow, totally by accident, I became cool for just a little while. That day with him fed a passion that continues today with bigger, faster sleds catching a whole lot more air.