Stay busy to stay young recommends retiring Moffat County records administrator |

Stay busy to stay young recommends retiring Moffat County records administrator

Advancing macular degeneration has forced 87-year-old Jill McCandless to retire from her work as a records administrator for Moffat County, a job she started as a volunteer in 2003. McCandless, center, is pictured with the two elected clerks she served — her daughter, Elaine Sullivan, left, and Lila Herod.
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CRAIG — Marriage licenses from Moffat County dating back as far as 1911 are readily available due to the hard work and dedication of an 87-year-old woman, who was celebrated by friends, family and co-workers at the Moffat County Courthouse on Wednesday, Dec. 20.

“I enjoyed every minute of it. They are great people, and I learned a lot about the county,” said retiring records administrator Jill McCandless.

After a full career of office administration and raising three daughters — Elaine Sullivan, a former Moffat County treasurer and clerk and recorder; business owner Nancy Bauman; and artist Jennifer Gunderson — McCandless volunteered in the records section of the clerk’s office in 2003, after her daughter, Elaine Sullivan, was elected to the position.

She worked on back indexing projects, importing county records into a searchable website.

One of her accomplishments has been to transfer all paper marriage license records from 1911 to the present, said County Clerk and Recorder Lila Herod.

Herod hired McCandless to work for the county when she replaced Sullivan as the elected county clerk.

McCandless was 16 years old when she moved from Denver to Craig.

“In 1948, they started paving the streets. That was a big change,” McCandless said.

The McCandless family has a long history of serving the community.

Daughter Elaine served as clerk and recorder from 2003 to 2010, then, as treasurer for four years, ending in 2015. McCandless’ husband, Neil McCandless, was a Moffat County commissioner in 1972 and a veterinarian for more than 50 years.

“I try not to get too involved in politics,” McCandless said.

She said she likes to stay busy, and her past is evidence of that. She served as a Girl Scout troop leader, was active in the Parent Teacher Advisory Committee, sang in a local choir and, even now, isn’t entirely happy about the prospect of retiring. However macular degeneration — a progressive disease that causes loss of central vision — has made reading records very difficult for her.

Herod said she hopes McCandless will be a frequent visitor to the courthouse, as she has been an inspiration to those who work in the building.

“She has been an example for everyone. She is the most conscientious person. She has an amazing work ethic. She’s on time, never taking too long on her breaks, and always puts in a full day,” Herod said. “I would love to follow her example in every way, except that, I don’t plan to work here when I’m 87.”

McCandless is looking forward to spending time at home “doing what I want,” though she said she won’t be sleeping in. “My dog makes sure I wake up early,” she said.

Her advice to others? “Stay busy. It keeps you young.”

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