State Patrol captain transferred to Durango |

State Patrol captain transferred to Durango

Tyler Baskfield

The community of Craig will be losing one of its most prominent figures in law enforcement.

Captain Rick Donner of the Colorado State Patrol is leaving Craig and returning to Durango, from where he originally transferred to Craig. Donner has served as the commander of Troop 4B in Craig for the past six years.

“I’m extremely excited about going down there, but I’m going to miss this community also,” said Donner. “I have mixed emotions about it. This community has been very supportive of me and law enforcement in general. I’m going to miss the area.”

As commander of Troop 4B, Donner was responsible for Routt, Moffat and Rio Blanco counties.

Donner will be promoted from captain to major once he moves to Durango.

Donner has also played a major role in the planning of the public safety center along with the installation of high capacity telecommunications in Craig to outfit the public safety center. Sergeant Hank Chase and Administrative Assistant III Kim Slonksnes will replace Donner on the safety center board until Captain Donner’s position can be filled. While he is unsure who will fill his long-term role in the construction of the public safety center, Donner is confident his replacement will be able to pick up where he left off.

“I’m going to miss the project a lot,” said Donner. “I’m sure who ever comes in will work well with the other agencies and do a good job of seeing the project through to its completion. It is unfortunate though I was really looking forward to siting in my new office.”

Donner plans to come back up to Craig for the opening of the public safety center.

Donner is not expected to be replaced by someone from the Craig troop, most likely he will be replaced by someone from another part of Colorado. The position has been opened up to transfers so any other captain in the Colorado State patrol can take the position if they request it, otherwise a sergeant will be promoted to captain and will take the position.

Donner spent a total of 14 years in Durango before he was transfered to Craig so in a way it is a homecoming for Donner and his family.

“I spent 14 years in that troop,” said Donner. “In a way it feels like we’re going back home. But since we have been here my wife, my daughter and I have made a lot of friends in this area and we are really going to miss the area.”

Donner expects to start working in Durango sometime after Sep. 20.