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Spring Spruce Up

Lawn care tips and service recommendations to get your lawn started for the season and maintain it throughout the summer.

Quick Start Shopping List

Grass seed



Weed Control

Pest Control

Lawn mower oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plug

Annual Lawn Care Guide


Form landscaping plan for spring and summer. Fill in low spots with soil. Check lawn equipment to ensure all equipment is in proper working condition. Buy supplies early so when project time approaches they are on hand. Submit lawn for soil test to monitor the PH levels.

April – May

Pick up yard debris. Repair lawn along road, driveways, sideways from winter damage from snowplows and shovels. Dethatch lawn. Aerate soil. Overseed and fertilize.

May – June

Receive soil test results and adjust soil PH level as recommended. Weed control. Pest control if needed.

June – August

For summer mowing trim lawn cutting only 1/3 off top of grass, leave trimmings. Water in early mornings — soil needs 1 inch per week. It is better to soak a lawn once or twice a week than to provide shallow watering daily.

August – October

Repair bald spots from

summer heat. Reseed if needed.

Dethatch lawn if thick. Weed control.

October – November

Fertilize. Pick up leaves. Mow until grass becomes dormant.

3 Key Steps to Great Lawns

Aerating Soil

One of the most important and most neglected steps of lawn care. An aerated lawn will be greener, easier to maintain and have fewer pest and disease problems. Lawns need aerating if there are worn areas, water puddles or when the soil is compacted.


It is best to dethatch lawns before the peak growth cycle. It is easier to dethatch in the spring because the thatch is easier to remove.

To start dethatching, slightly moisten the soil, mow to the lowest recommended height and mark obstacles like sprinkler heads. Dethatch lawn with bladed tool and rake the debris. If the thatch is thick don’t remove all in one day. Immediately following the dethatching fertilize and water to help the lawn recover faster. If dethatching is done in the fall, complete the process at least 30 days before the end of the mowing season.


It is much easier to plant seed over an existing lawn than to dig up or start from scratch Overseeding can be applied to the entire lawn or specific areas. To overseed, trim the grass as low as possible. Rake up the clippings. Cultivate soil with a power rake

to thin the lawn and expose soil. Apply new seed. Power rake again to work new seed into soil. Apply a starter fertilizer. Keep lawn moist until new grass sprouts.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Spring Tune-Up Checklist

• Change the oil and oil filter

• Check, clean or replace air filter

• Change the spark plug

• Sharpen and balance the blades

• Remove engine shroud

• Lubricate the controls

• Check battery charge, clean around terminal connections

• Check tire inflation

• Fill with fresh fuel

Before every use

• Check fuel level

• Check oil level

• Check tire inflation

• Check for loose or worn parts

After every use

• Clean clippings from underside of mower and top deck

Start Composting

Compost is decomposed organic material.

Great for the garden

Using compost in the garden helps improve the soil structure yielding a healthier garden and more productive plants. Compost provides all the essential nutrients needed for plant growth.

Environmentally responsible

Managing a compost pile reduces the amount of solid waste going to the land fill and reduces your dependency on chemical fertilizers.

Get started

Dedicate an outdoor space that is convenient to the garden and the source of raw materials. Materials to throw on the compose pile include grass clippings, manure, kitchen scraps (fruit, vegetables, coffee grounds, tea bags), leaves and weeds.

For more information on composting visit:


Lawn and Home Maintenance

Here are just a few ideas to get you started on spring cleaning for your yard and home.


Sweep out garage

Sort items sitting around for organizing or donations

Clean window screens

Deep clean carpets after winter wear


Clean porch and railings

Scrub decks and patio

Clean walkways and driveway

Wash outdoor furniture

Patch, replace and paint worn wood on home and fences


Prune trees and shrubs

Cut back perennials and pull old annuals

Thin out crowded plant/flower beds

Fill in bare spots

Rake leaves

Craig Clean Up Days

May 19-20

Residents of Craig and Moffat County can bring old items for disposal to City Park at no cost.

Accepted items include tires, refrigerators, freezers, other appliances.

For more information contact the community service officer at 970-824-2386

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