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Spring break still means work for some athletes

Nate Waggenspack
Bubba Ivers throws the ball at the beginning of baseball practice Thursday at the Craig Middle School fields. About 10 players have been meeting all week during spring break to keep working on their games.
Nate Waggenspack

— For some athletes, spring break can prove beneficial to their performance, giving them time for injuries to hear, for soreness to dissipate and for focusing on their mental approach to the game.

Others choose a different approach.

Moffat County High School is finishing up its spring break this weekend, but some athletes and sports still are putting in time to better their games.

The Bulldogs baseball team has held informal practices this week, giving players who are in town the opportunity to stay active in field and at the plate.

Coach Justin Folley doesn’t have a full roster to work with this week, but he doesn’t consider it a problem. If anything, spring break practices give the coaches an opportunity to conduct more individualized instruction.

“We work on more individual stuff,” Folley said. “This is optional practice, so these are guys that are in town and want to improve. We can point out certain things to each individual guy as opposed to talking to the entire team.”

Folley said some players have not hit the ball as well as they would like so far this season, so batting practice with a closer examination from the coaches could provide a needed boost.

In typical practices, the Bulldogs have enough bodies to simulate an entire game. That’s a luxury they don’t have during the break. But they still make do, Folley said, by fielding and throwing grounders and getting in the repetition to be sharp on both sides of the ball.

He also thinks this year’s break has the potential to be more beneficial than most because Moffat County has played outside so little this season.

“Considering we haven’t been on the field a whole lot yet, and being outside all week, I think it could help us a lot,” he said.

Junior Colten Yoast, Moffat County’s first baseman, spent part of break in Utah but was back Thursday to get in some practice time. He hopes the extra practice time will help Moffat County’s infield solidify its defensive play.

“I think our infield needs to get a little stronger,” Yoast said. “In games, we get ahead and then we get back on our heels and lose some focus. There are still things we can do, fielding grounders and pop flies, to get better.”

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