Sports Spotlight: Megan Swedberg |

Sports Spotlight: Megan Swedberg

Megan Swedberg

Age: 19

Sport: Bowling

How did you get your start in your sport?

“I started working at the bowling alley, and I thought I’d join the league because I love bowling.”

What’s your favorite part of your sport?

“Being part of a team is fun, having people cheer for you and they’re there for you. I’m not that good of a bowler, but I’m getting better because of my team.”

What do you think you need to improve?

“I need to get up to a bigger ball, and following through.”

What strengths do you bring to the team?

“I’m left-handed, and I think it throws people off that I can hit different pins. I’m pretty focused, too, and I’m kind of a cheerleader.”

What is one goal you have for yourself in your sport?

“I want my average to be at least 110. My average now is 80.”

What is one thing about your team that an outsider might not know?

“We all want to be on a team. Some kids in the league just mess around, but we all stuck together.”


Movie: “Transformers”

Band: Asking Alexandria

TV Show: “Pretty Little Liars”

Food: Macaroni and cheese

Sport to watch other than your own: “I don’t really watch sports.”

Leisure activity: “I’m into art, so I like to draw. I also make duct tape wallets and purses.”