Sports Spotlight: John Doane |

Sports Spotlight: John Doane

Sports Spotlight: John Doane

John Doane

Age: 47

City: Craig

Sport: Golf

What's one aspect of golf you would stress to a newcomer?

"Definitely etiquette. It helps the game go faster and there is not so much standing around."

If you could go to one professional sporting event, what would it be and why?

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"The World Series with the (Boston) Red Sox playing. I have never been to a (World Series) game and I grew up in Boston, so I love the Red Sox."

Who is your favorite professional athlete of all time and why?

"Roberto Clemente because of his selflessness. He did a lot for the communities and ended up dying helping out earthquake victims."

What would you like to improve your golf game?

"I would like to improve my length. I play with guys who can hit the ball a long way."


Food: Italian

Movie: "Braveheart"

TV Show: "Three and a Half Men"

Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots