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Youth hockey
Craig Youth Hockey is starting night league play Jan. 3. Kids of all ages play on Monday and Wednesday nights. Gear is available for the younger children. If there are questions call Jeff at 824-2683 or Randy at 824-2547. Register at City Hall.

The Moffat County girls and boys freshman team will play Sorrco 5:00 at the high school gym.

Free throw contest results
8-9 G Abby Haynes 1st
8-9 B Greg Medvesk 1st
8-9 B Breacken Hall 2nd
10-11 G Markie Workman 1st
10-11 G Angela Charchahs 2nd
10-11 B John Strahan 1st
10-11 B Colby Kostur 2nd
12-13 G Donna Look 1st
12-13 B Kabeb McKay 1st
12-13 B Evan Hertzog 2nd