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Speechsters faced tough competition in Chatfield

Lee Harstad

The Moffat County High School (MCHS) speech team competed Dec. 4 in two different tournaments.

According to speech coach Jill Grimes, the varsity team went to a “very competitive tournament” at Chatfield High School in Jefferson County while the junior varsity team headed to Glenwood Springs High School.

Competition was tough as only two of the nine MCHS students broke into finals competition. Amanda Breen and Nubia Martinez both made finals in original oratory; Breen placed third and Martinez placed fifth.

“The tournament was not only competitive but my students had their own private battles to fight, too. Most of them woke up sick on Saturday. They were real troopers and did their best to overcome their illnesses,” Grimes said. “We felt privileged to have had two people break to finals. Nubia and Amanda pulled through. They were very happy with their performances.”

Breen, Chris Casinger, Rebecca Chadwick, Kip Holdridge, Ben Koucherik, Martinez, Stephanie Raschke, Angela Vesely and Chris Wintemute competed in Chatfield for MCHS.

Thirty schools competed in the Chatfield tournament including J.K. Mullen, Golden, Lakewood, Denver-East, Columbine, Chatfield, Wheatridge, Lincoln, Cherry Creek, Arvada West, Stanley Lake, Bear Creek and MCHS.

In the Glenwood Springs competition, involving junior varsity and novice students, nine teams converged for the competition Rifle, Summit, West Grand, Roaring Fork, MCHS, Battle Mountain Team A, Battle Mountain Team B, Glenwood Springs Team A and Glenwood Springs Team B.

Kelly Anderson, Casey Bebensee, Eric Boutwell, Krystle Fahle-Bowler, Justin Hunsaker, Andrea Pallaoro, Chris Skowronski, Caleb VanWagner and Sandy Walsh all traveled to Glenwood Springs.

MCHS speechsters placed third overall.

“I was really impressed that we took third with only nine students while Battle Mountain had 40 students and Glenwood had about that many,” said Troy Lewis, MCHS assistant coach who led the team in Glenwood Springs. “They placed over us. These students really did a good job of focusing. They were practicing in every spare minute, asking questions and presenting their speeches for me and for their fellow students. Three of the students were competing for the first time and they did very well most of them received awards. We had fun.”

Palloaro and Anderson received first-place ribbons in humorous duet acting; Hunsaker placed first in humor; and Skowronski placed first in value debate.

VanWagner placed second in creative story telling; Skowronski placed second in dramatic interpretation; and Fahle-Bohler second in value debate. Fahle-Bohler also placed fourth in dramatic interpretation.

Excellent ribbons went to VanWagner in humorous interpretation, Pollaoro in dramatic interpretation and Walsh in poetry interpretation.