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Speak Up: Who will pay hospital bills?

It is my understanding that the hospital belongs to the county — in essence the taxpayers. I don’t think it is legal for the hospital board to contract debt for a capital investment without a vote of the taxpayers, and as the debt will be against property owned by the taxpayers.

(Editor’s note: According to George Rohrich, CEO of The Memorial Hospital, the hospital board is pursing funding through a HUDD program, which — if the hospital were to default in a “worst-case scenario” — money owed would not come back on the county; rather the federal government would pick up costs.)

Only one way to

deal with deer

I have a comment on the deer issue inside of Craig. I live outside of Craig about two miles. For more than 20 years, I’ve been dealing with herds of deer and elk getting in my yard. Because it became such a nuisance and damage, I think there is only one thing you can do, and that is to do what I did.

I built a 7-foot wire fence around my lawn and my building area with gates coming in and out, so that they can’t get into the main lot. They can come in everywhere else, but they can’t get into the main lot.

I tried everything … and all of the other little gimmicks and nothing works. The only thing that works to keep deer off property is a fence.

What kind of

double talk is this?

I am amazed at the article about the deer and elk (Friday, Jan. 26, “Elk surviving close to town”).

The Department of Wildlife of Colorado says that deer should not be fed, as it harms their digestive system. But the DOW also says it fed deer in 1983 and 1984. What kind of double talk is this?

Many ranch feed grounds are feeding deer, some of the surrounding states feed deer and pay ranchers to feed them. In those cases, the digestive systems of the deer are not bothered. Many deer eat hay all winter.

The deer digestive system is bothered when the DOW and others wait till the deer are doomed to die. In other words, they wait to feed the deer until it’s just too late.

I once had a bulldozer and built seismograph trails all over this area in winter. The deer would get in those trails and find feed that had been uncovered and also plowed up on the sides.

Why doesn’t the DOW get a tractor or two and plow trails across state and federal lands? Or feed some hay now like other states?

I have lived here for 70 years, and I have a realistic view on this. The deer need to be fed now, not in late February or March. The deer are having a hard time. The deer’s winter range at Elk Springs and Browns Park and everywhere else is snowed up with 12 to 18 inches of snow.

These deer must be fed now; they are having a very hard time with the cold weather and deep snow. If the DOW waits another month the deer will be dying.

In the past, great individuals have started feeding programs to save the deer.

The problem was they didn’t start until the deer were already dying. A lot of energy and money was spent and some success was accomplished. However, this was after the deer had started dying, the deer continued dying in large numbers.

Aren’t we infringing on the deer?

The article on Gail Severson’s petition to rid the town of deer:

Gail’s frustration with deer damaging her $1,000 landscape is understandable.

Is there not vegetation that is both attractive and deer-proof? I have invested several thousand dollars in my landscaping, also, but even though we have several deer that visit our neighborhood regularly I have noticed very little damage.

We continue to build larger houses, hospitals, colleges, business, riding arenas, and put up four strand wire fences and drive the animals out of their natural habitat — then we are angry because they bother us.

Isn’t there something wrong with this picture?

The deer may be a benefit to teen drivers if it makes them drive more defensive. If a teen hit a child, because they were speeding or not paying attention, and the child was hurt or killed, it would affect the teen for the rest of his or her life, not to mention the other family. I have nephews, nieces, and a grandson driving and the thought of that happening to them makes my heart ache.

I can’t imagine parents letting “young” children play in the parks after dark unsupervised. I have never heard of one being injured by a deer. Has this ever happened??

I do know a lot of people — and I’m one of them — that delight in having the deer sounder through our yards. For us, the benefit outweighs the limited problems.

Disappointed and Sad

Firearm discharge

in city not safe

I had to wonder what Gail Severson was thinking about, as well as the rest of the citizens of Craig, who signed the petition for hunting deer in Craig.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the discharge of a firearm in the city limits illegal? How about the safety of the citizens? Isn’t there a thing called reckless endangering the lives and safety of our children and us.

All it takes is one stray bullet through someone’s home and a child hit or even killed. The city counsel better think of the liabilities involved here. And all because of some landscaping?

The deer will just be back year after year anyway.

This was their territory way before we came in and took over. Who’s encroaching on whose ground anyway. Please tell me the people heading this up aren’t in charge of any other important decision making processes in our community. I would think this modern age we live in we could come up with a more scientific approach.

A long time firearms owner

and hunter

County, Rotary should spend money at home

As a resident of Moffat County, I am disappointed by the actions of those in charge of the county Christmas party and by the Rotary, which puts on Diamonds and Spurs.

As residents of Moffat County we are often asked to support this or that, and to make sure we continually support and contribute to our county to make it better. However, those in charge seem to not practice this concept.

The county held its Christmas party at the pavilion, but deemed it necessary to send the money for catering to Rio Blanco County in Meeker. Then to top off this action, the Rotary also had someone from Rio Blanco County cater its event, Diamonds and Spurs.

I am looking for a response, as I’m sure all residents are, as to why the Rotary and the county can’t seem to keep their dollars here as we are expected to do?

There are many capable to cater your event and they all live, work, and pay taxes in, yes, Moffat County.

Learn the language,

customs of new country

I read with interest the opinion article in the Craig Daily Press on Jan. 23 and would like to say that the writer Egoless did not pick a very good analogy to use, unless they were referring to all the illegal immigrants coming into the United States.

Egoless refers to “Our ancestors” coming to this country and how we don’t speak native languages now and how our ancestors killed thousands.

I would like to say it’s not us heading south and pushing our language/culture on them. It’s the opposite. They are coming north and now look at us.

In many places, Spanish is now the norm. You can’t walk into a store without having to spin boxes around to read the English version. And why should I have to push 1 to hear English?

So to me it sounds like Egoless is talking about the illegal immigrants, not Americans. They are the ones that are changing our society (like our ancestors?). I read recently that people wanted to sing the National Anthem in Spanish. Where does it stop?

A popular Hispanic political activist once made this statement in one of his speeches: “Ladies and gentlemen, what this means is a transfer of power, it means control, it means who’s going to influence.”

I also read an interesting article that was printed back in the early 80’s in a popular off-the-shelf magazine and the title read “10 ways to destroy America.” The No. 1 step, according to the article? Make America bi-lingual.

Guess what? It is happening now. It is causing a serious rift that can be seen today in American towns, newspapers, politics and even little old Craig America.

Some people say that without immigrants (mostly illegal) we would be paying $10 a head of lettuce, but if you look at the big picture of what it is costing us in tax dollars for healthcare, welfare and other services, I would gladly pay that $10. If you want to come to America, come legally. We will welcome you. Learn our language and our culture, get a legal SSAN and pay taxes. We don’t want you to lose your culture, your beliefs, but don’t push yours on us.

If you come here to enjoy the freedoms and the life we all love, then respect our culture and our language. I know if I were planning to live in Italy, Spain or any country I would not expect them to bend over backward to print English newspapers, broadcast English radio and TV, or to teach my children with English teachers.

Average American Joe

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