Speak up for Oct. 4

More groups in city

As I read each daily paper and listen to the local radio station, all I hear and read about anymore in Moffat County is the Boys & Girls Club. There are many other clubs, organizations and happenings in our area other than the “new” free babysitter in town. Everyone knows it is here and available for those who need it, but do we all need to hear and read about it on a daily basis. Lets start giving credit to others that are doing great deeds as well.

Drinking a problem

A young girl died after drinking in Steamboat. A 17-year-old was found slumped over her steering wheel because she was drunk.

Several alcohol-related parties are happening each night of the week with many teens attending or hosting. My question is this, we have an alcohol-prevention organization in town — what is being done about all this or how many more of our teens are going to have to die or become alcoholics before something is done about it?

Anytime during the day, you can call the office of the alcohol prevention organization, and no one will be there. This organization has not done anything in the past few years for our teen alcohol problems, let alone the drug problem we have. Why do we keep supporting an organization that is not helping our youths? We think that our teens could have a grand future, but the organization apparently doesn’t see a problem.

Where’s coverage?

I don’t see much in the Craig paper about underage drinking. I am wondering how this is handled in Moffat County? And also, is this a larger problem than we know?

Keep your money

I was just reading the article about the county commissioners meeting on Sept. 27, and I have to say that I agree with Mr. Gutierrez about the county not spending the tax payers’ money wisely. If they do get a reserve built back up, who is to say that they won’t build another Moffat County Road 57 and deplete the reserves again. I’m all for making things better, but don’t you think that we should take the whole county into consideration? Keep your money, because most likely, it will go to something that won’t improve you services.

Afraid of change

Why are some of the residents of this town so afraid of change? Get over it. I think they should spring eminent domain on ’em. Its moving on to bigger and better things. Let’s let Craig become the great town it can be. All these new things in town, such as a Wal-Mart and Triple Crown Fields, a nice new bowling alley (almost open). Why not let them come in? It’s because people are afraid of moving from a honkey town. There are many great things about this place. but you don’t ever hear about them, its all just whiny complaining. Get over it, Craig.

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