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Speak Up for Oct. 25

La Vecindad

I have an issue with the way you print the Spanish section of the newspaper. I understand why you would print the news in Spanish. What I don’t understand is why you print different news than what’s in the English part of the newspaper. I would think that this would only cause alienation of the Spanish community. We are not included in their news, and they are not included in ours. I strongly disagree with this.

L.K. Robinson

Editor’s note: La Vecindad, the Spanish section printed in the Craig Daily Press each Thursday, is a compilation of stories that have already appeared in English in the Craig Daily Press. By translating stories that already appear in the Daily Press, we offer both communities the same news.

Bottom line on skirts

I would like to know what is up with the “people in charge” at the high school? I have seen it written that skirts are to be no shorter than mid-thigh. Then someone please tell me how it was allowed that the high school girls’ volleyball team (some of them, not all) were wearing skirts that barely covered their behinds. I was offended and shocked and therefore refused to let my kids accept candy from them. To make things worse, they were bending over to hand out candy to the littlest kids. I would like to see what the school board is going to do about this. Bottom line is:”Parents, your children are a reflection of you.”

Sports reporter unfair

I would like to bring to your attention, as if it weren’t obvious, the serious flaw in your sports reporter’s articles. He seems to have some form of fascination with a certain volleyball player at the high school. In almost every article, he will have a picture or quote from Mari Katherine Raftopoulos as if there are no other players on the team. Editor, please correct this problem.

Turner story gossip

Well, now you’ve gone as low as you can go. The article about Heather Turner is way out of line — are you going to make it a habit to publish everyone’s misfortune of eviction, etc.? This is not a person’s business, but hers. Now you’ve slandered her. Find some real news instead of gossip.

TMH issues

It will be nice to have a new hospital here but it won’t matter either until some of the problems in administration are cleaned up. The departure of the hospital administrator was well overdue. However, there are some other changes that are needed in the Human Resources department and EMS.

We have a few good doctors here, but we also have a few who could stand to be replaced. The hospital policy of not telling a patient who is calling to see who is on shift in the ER is not so much about privacy as it is patients won’t come to the ER for care when certain doctors are on shift. Build all the new hospitals you want; people who can, will still travel out of town for care until these things are changed and the hospital and medical care reputation in Craig is cleaned up.

Coal still for sale

In response to the article in Speak Up on Oct. 18, there apparently has been a miscommunication. As previously advertised, Twentymile Coal Company has and continues to sell coal to the public. Starting mid-September through April, public coal sales are handled from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays. If anyone needs additional information about public coal sales at Twentymile Coal, call 879-3800.

Welcome retail relief

I think the new Wal-Mart is a welcome relief to many in this area. It’s a sign that Craig is growing and will more than likely bring some other new businesses in with it. I don’t think we need to worry about Wal-Mart leaving a big empty building setting here as much as Kmart and Safeway. Wal-Mart will help straighten out the problems with some of the poor service and quality of merchandise being offered in town now. If some of the major chain restaurants would just find us now — Chili’s, Applebees, Black-eyed Pea, etc.

District dollars

I sure wish our school district would quit spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on unproven educational fads at the expense of teacher morale. Don’t believe me. Ask any Moffat County teacher.

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