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Speak up for Oct. 18

Coal is a problem

We live in coal country, but it’s now become impossible to buy coal to heat my home. None of the local shops like MJK sell it, and Twentymile has stopped selling to the public, and I do not know people who work at the coal mine. It really kind of upsets me because it’s very cheap fuel. I didn’t like driving all the way to Twentymile anyway when there’s coal mines in Craig. I’d like to know more about this and why is it such a problem to sell coal to people?

Information needed

As I try to educate myself before deciding how to vote, I find that I have inadequate information about 1B to base my decision on. I was told by a former commissioner many years ago that the average total cost per client for Horizons was $110,000 per year. Now, I’m sure that the cost has had to go up since then, but I haven’t seen any information published or broadcast about the cost.

What is the average total cost per client, per year, today? I’d like to compare it to the cost of raising my grandchildren today, and the amount that my children have available for raising their children.

No on C and D

I think people should vote no on C and D. I think the government already takes too much of our money, let alone to take our tax refunds. What’s next?

Welcome Wal-Mart

You know, I used to be totally against the Wal-Mart coming to town, but lately, with the prices — only in Craig for some reason — going through the roof, I welcome Wal-Mart and hope that it does put a few money-grubbing business folk in this town out of business.

People complain and cry because no new businesses will come into Craig, but when they try, they get shot down. I would love to see Wal-Mart come in and give some of these good ol’ boys businesses some competition. Murdoch’s was an excellent addition to this town, and I hope to see more come in.

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