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Speak up for Oct. 11

Cover JV, freshmen

I would like to hear more about the football team than just the varsity team. Can we have coverage of the freshman team and JV team, as well?

Gambling not cool

I would like to know what’s going on in this town. First, they didn’t let the gambling casino come in because they were afraid of liquor. Now they are holding Texas Hold ‘Em poker Wednesday and Sunday at the Holiday Inn. Do they have a license for this, or are they paying taxes off to the city? And now the hospital is holding a big deal for gambling where everybody can get drunk to the gills and that’s OK? To me this is really ridiculous. If they want money for the hospital, then go around to the houses and get it.

Hospital not on track

The hospital seems to have a whole lot of people who don’t seem to know what they’re doing. By now we should have had the hospital built. Now they’re going to hold a little Texas poker and see if they can get things going that way.

Licensing good

I have an issue with the persons who are whining terribly about license regulations for hunting. I’m glad that licenses have changed, maybe I can actually hunt again without running into out-of-state hunters every time I turn around. Maybe I’ll actually have an opportunity to draw a license again. Anyone who cannot make it in this town without out-of-state hunters needs to rethink their livelihood.

Vote no for increases

Reason No. 1 to vote no on all tax increases or those that want to keep our “extra” money: In my mind, they stole it from me through overtaxing. I want it back. Poo on Moffat County Road 57 or any other county road for that matter. Stop letting the big trucks drive on them and you won’t have the problems. I have had it with the billions of dollars and government whining they don’t have enough to do anything. When was the last time you saw a government official living in a trailer? That is where we need to recover money from, the people we keep giving it to, to live like kings while the rest of us paying them barely keep our heads above water. What kind of sense is that?

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