Speak Up for Nov. 8

Waiting for apology

The Memorial Hospital has asked the community, including its employees, to help contribute to the funding of a new hospital.

As a community, we pulled together to contribute to this needed cause. Not even a week after The Memorial Hospital achieved its goals for this new hospital, hospital officials cut employee jobs and hours to help cut costs and save money for the new hospital.

Surely hospital officials knew these cuts were going to be needed before they started their campaign to raise money.

But yet, they led the community into believing that the new hospital would help create new jobs, among other things, to better our community when in reality they knew they were going to cut jobs and hours.

The Memorial Hospital and its officials should be ashamed of themselves for being so deceitful and misleading our community into believing a new hospital would better our community.

How can our new hospital create new positions when it doesn’t need the ones it currently has? How can our hospital expect to have loyal patrons when it can’t be loyal to its staff?

How can we as a community support a hospital that doesn’t help our local work force?

The Memorial Hospital owes this community an explanation and an apology.

Do doctors care?

Guess which doctors care.

Jeopardy answer: Less than half

Jeopardy question: How many of the local doctors contributed to the successful The Memorial Hospital capital campaign? You guess which ones care about their community.

Building an empire

When the Visiting Nurse Association needed an office in Steamboat Springs, they spent $1 million for a building. They are presently spending almost $1 million for The Haven Assisted Living Center in Hayden.

In Moffat County, VNA officials act like paupers — they expect a building and free rent, then complain when they are asked to move for the benefit of our hospital and community.

VNA demands money from Moffat and Routt county governments as well as being the largest recipient of funds from the United Way of both counties. The VNA is a multimillion-dollar corporation. Let them continue their empire building and invest in Moffat County.

More law enforcement

I’m a 12-year resident of Craig, and I’m quite concerned with the escape of a local inmate. Our Correctional Alternative Placement Services, or CAPS, facility here in town is supposed to offer the work-release program that is dealt with by the Colorado Department of Corrections and such, even though it is owned by local people in positions of respect, and they are making money off CAPS.

But my concern is that an inmate has escaped and was not found due to neglect and negligence by our police force.

They can’t seem to stop drug dealers in Craig, in such a small community. They can’t seem to keep an eye on inmates who are their responsibility.

All this is coming down on our community. We have drugs rampant throughout Craig. We have inmates escaping due to neglect by our police force. I think it’s time we bring in a larger police force of law enforcement — DEA and FBI –o investigate the drug influence in Craig, which is absolutely rampant. There are young people walking our streets looking for stuff to steal. I know because I walk around and watch to see what’s going on in my community because I am concerned.

Craig residents should look at city officials and law enforcement and tell them without a doubt we have had enough. This is not a game, these are our children, and this is our community. This is too much to bear without their help. If they can’t do the job, we need to find who can.

Take out dated ad

I’m looking at the Daily Press, for Monday, Nov. 7, and if the Daily Press is trying to be more positive in what they’re reporting, why on page 7, under “Good To Know,” an advertisement for the Daily Press, “Committed to a Community Partnership Since 1891,” are there still ads from 2002? Especially the racism charges leveled against Maybell.

That’s poor reporting. It’s more than 3 years old and really doesn’t stand well for the community in Moffat County and especially for Maybell. I would appreciate greatly if that particular ad were taken out of the paper. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to speak up.

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