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Speak up for Nov. 29

Missing from ‘Lost’

Our emotions rolled and tossed

as we watched the program “Lost”

but at its end we all did say:

“Where O where was Thea Rae?”

Editor’s note: A Nov. 21 report about Thea Sharpe, a Moffat County High School graduate, said she expected to appear in an extra role on ABC’s series “Lost” last Wednesday. Her mother, Jayney Sharpe, said the actress did appear in Wednesday’s episode twice, as a Los Angeles police officer in flashbacks for the “Lost” character Ana Lucia Cortez.

‘Out of control’

Oh, let’s start with the hospital board and Randy Phelps. Eight to 10 families out of their homes, some elderly. We need more room for a new hospital. No matter the effect this will have, these people won’t mind losing their homes, and we need to quietly do this before the public finds out, plus let’s pay 20 percent more than the appraised price. This should make everything OK.

Oh, and by the way, if you don’t move, we will condemn your home. Oh, oops, guess we made a little booboo, this isn’t going to work. But the $1.7 million we paid these folks is just chump change. But that’s OK because Phelps and the board want a new hospital. I would love for you people to be forced out of your homes and then to have someone come along and say, “Oh, we changed our minds.” And apparently, these homes are now livable, so let’s sell or rent them.

Oh, I’ve got another good idea. Let’s ask the community to raise $1 million for a jumpstart. Oh, if we hadn’t forced those people out of their homes, we wouldn’t need this money. We would have $1.7 million. Don’t forget our employees. If they want to keep their jobs, they need to donate. Good idea hospital board and new director. Let’s play on the community’s feelings. Get that dough. And by the way, 10 of you employees are no longer needed. “You’re fired,” and we don’t think your families need to eat, because we want a new hospital.

And please explain, where did Phelps run? Or did he develop a conscience? You people on the board need to figure out you’re not God and grow a few morals and principles of your own and follow Phelps. This is absolutely out of control.

Editor’s note: In 2001 and 2002, The Memorial Hospital paid $1.7 million for 13 homes. Initially, the hospital planned to demolish the properties to make way for an expansion. The hospital abandoned the plan in favor of building a facility in another location. Randy Phelps, who is no longer with the hospital, was administrator at the time.

Sore spot

Regarding your continuing coverage of the Northwest Colorado Dental Coalition: I’m saddened by the fact that that’s the only nonprofit you guys feel the need to advertise all the time.

It’s my understanding that the Craig Daily Press does not advertise without having payment from other nonprofits. And it’s very, very sad that the dental coalition gets all this free publicity from your paper when there’s so many organizations out there that need your help but you request them to pay for it.

I don’t know who this Debi Harmon’s best friend is at your office, but pick somebody else.

Editor’s note: The Craig Daily Press does not charge a fee to any organization for news coverage. The Daily Press welcomes all nonprofits to submit their news.

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