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Speak Up for Nov. 22

Editor’s note: In the Nov. 11 Craig Daily Press, Christina Currie wrote about sleep deprivation and the stresses of motherhood in her Touch of Spice column.

Children need rules

Oh woe is me. Lately, it is all about you. Seems like lately you are always tired, and your girls are the reason. Being a mom, you are for your family and your children. Don’t the girls have a daddy? When he takes the girls, then you can rest. I do believe when the girls have a schedule to go to bed when they are supposed to, then you would have time to take for yourself. Sounds like their school is suffering, from what you write. I never hear you say anything about the father. I take it he does not live in the home. With the concern with drugs in our community, and you’re telling everyone that you are going to use duct tape; what are you going to do with the duct tape and you are going to take Valium? The dilemma is that there needs to be rules in the home.

Can’t keep giving

I wanted to respond to a letter from Ms. Chesser about 1B. It’s not that we wouldn’t like to help those people, but Moffat County is full of people that are just barely getting by, and every dollar counts to us. We can’t just give.

We’re being taxed to death at the federal level, and at the gas pumps in Craig, and the combination of Craig’s high prices and low wages hurt us.

And on that same note, I personally voted against 1A because I couldn’t see buying vehicles for law enforcement when my vehicles are 12 years and 20 years old And I can’t afford to replace them.

Editor’s note: Guests at Moffat County hunting lodges don’t have to pay a 1.9 percent lodging tax, but hotel and motel guests do. Some community members have questioned whether that’s a good policy.

A modest proposal

A suggestion to the outfitters: Advertise your hunting for one price, and advertise the bed as free.

Down to test scores

There is a simple explanation for the continuing saga in Dinosaur. Since the present district administration (superintendent/assistant superintendent) have been in office, the only thing that matters is test scores, and anything or anyone standing in the way of test scores had to go.

Dinosaur’s school had below-average test scores and therefore was seen as a liability. If this was not the case, why was the Maybell school treated differently?

What’s the deal?

How ridiculous. Since parent/teacher conferences were held last week for the elementary schools, and therefore report cards were distributed, I’m wondering if anyone saw what was on the kindergarten report card? I couldn’t believe it myself.

Under the “identify shapes section,” they actually have the terms “rhombus” and “ellipse” written as part of their mathematical checklist. Can you believe it? I couldn’t believe it myself. For those of you who don’t have a kindergartner in your household, consider yourself lucky. Rhombus supposedly is written there for the term diamond and ellipse is oval. Isn’t this going a little bit too far? Whatever happened to age appropriateness? Oh sure, I understand the reasoning behind these terms is to expose the children early so they’ll understand the terms in high school or middle school or wherever. Oh brother, give me a break.

You can talk about any mathematical term you want to expose children to, but to put it on a kindergartner’s report card as an assessment is totally ridiculous. Kindergarten teachers, what’s the deal? I can’t believe you didn’t say something about keeping this age appropriate.

I personally see nothing wrong with my kindergartner learning diamond and oval as terms in describing those shapes. Call me old-fashioned, but they are a bit more age-appropriate terms than rhombus and ellipse.

Can we go back to calling them diamond and oval? That’s what my kindergartner swears they are.

Do your homework

I am asking everyone to think about where you are donating your hard-earned money. So many nonprofits, hospitals, youth groups and United Way, etc., are asking for money or having fundraisers. Before you sign your check or designate your money to an organization, do some homework first. Gracious donors designate a percentage of their wages to United Way. United Way takes a percentage right off the top, then it gets funneled down. The new Boys & Girls Club east of town has been getting grant money right and left from local, state and federal funders. A percentage of any money that is donated to them goes directly to the national Boys & Girls club, and it all doesn’t stay here in Moffat County. The hospital raises $1 million and then lays off 10 people.

If you are feeling generous this holiday season, give to the people that really do need it and to organizations that don’t use local donations to pay for their salaries. If you want to help kids in our community, help the smaller organizations that have been hurt financially from the larger more glamorized kids’ club. Donate to Christmas for kids for the youth that may not get a Christmas. Donate to the food bank so the kids can eat, etc. Just think about where you are donating, and know what they are doing with your money.

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