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Speak up for Nov. 15

Let cops be cops

It drives me crazy when people begin complaining about law enforcement here in Craig, especially when they have 100 percent of their information wrong. Did you ever think about policing yourself first? Moan about the cops not doing anything about drugs and letting inmates escape; you couldn’t be more off. Next time it takes the police an hour or two to get to your much-needed service, go buy a scanner.

Listen to all of our needless calls for service, the dog walking in my yard, the neighbor’s children playing too loud, the found lunch box. If you think the problems are different than any other city and are too big for you to handle, why don’t you let the cops be cops and quit calling them to wipe your nose for you? And I can’t believe they have to go and tell your children to go to bed.

When did we stop running our own house and need a cop to run it, when he or she could be catching criminals?

In defense of Wal-Mart

I think I must say a few things regarding Wal-Mart after reading and seeing the cartoon in your recent paper. Because I worked at Wal-Mart, I guess I have insight to say a few things on Wal-Mart’s behalf.

When I was hired, I was asked what hours and days I wanted to work, and whenever I asked for a day off, I was not turned down. I had the choice of taking its insurance or not. I had the choice of buying its stock or not.

My wage started out more than minimum, and I received raises often. You talk about low wages, and I wonder whether people in Craig think $10 an hour is top wage. My husband has started every job he has had in Craig at $10, and raises don’t come easy. I wonder how a family has survived on $10 an hour? Even at Wal-Mart, you can advance as fast as you want.

Welfare? Did it ever occur to you that maybe the people who work in Wal-Mart who may be on welfare choose to be on welfare? The Wal-Mart I worked at did not have employees on welfare.

I think Wal-Mart is getting an unfair rap, because it really depends on the state and location of the store as to what kind of employees you see there. And believe me, I think Colorado is a top state, and Wal-Mart treats its employees well, and I would feel privileged to work for the company again.

Have you ever stopped to consider how many jobs this will bring to Craig and that people won’t have to drive from Craig to work and make a decent living?

The amount that Wal-Mart donates back to the community is outstanding, and think of the merchandise that will be stocked so that people can spend money here without leaving town, thus keeping taxes here for other causes? Wake up and smell the roses, so to say.

I think enough has been said against Wal-Mart. I, for one, will be glad when the doors open, and I, for one, am tired of all the negative things in the paper about Wal-Mart.

Welcome Wal-Mart

I have heard a lot of bad stuff about Wal-Mart and other nonlocal businesses coming here. Too bad, I say.

Our local businesses don’t always cater to our local people. A good example is a local business in town. Go there at 12:01 p.m. on a Saturday –when they close their doors at noon –n much need of a product that only their store has in town, and prepare for frustration. I went there just after the clerk locked the glass door, and all he did was stare at me for a moment and turn his back to go to the back room.

You’re darn right that I will drive more than 90 miles to get better service. Treat others (locals) the way you want to be treated is what my mother taught me.

Be a business we are proud to have and support, not someone that will make me use $100 in gas to go somewhere else. Welcome Wal-Mart.

Can’t keep giving

I wanted to respond to a letter from Ms. Chesser about Referendum 1B. It’s not that we wouldn’t like to help those people, but Moffat County is full of people that are just barely getting by, and every dollar counts to us. We can’t just give.

We’re being taxed to death at the federal level and at the gas pumps in Craig, and the combination of Craig’s high prices and low wages hurts us.

And on that same note, I voted against Referendum 1A because I couldn’t see buying vehicles for law enforcement when my vehicles are 12 years and 20 years old And I can’t afford to replace them.

A modest proposal

A suggestion to the outfitters: Advertise your hunting for one price, and advertise the bed as free.

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