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Speak Up for Jan. 31

Personal attacks not wanted, issues only

I just wanted to express my concern and distress about the current use of this forum to attack individuals in the paper.

I think the Craig Daily Press should limit the comments to issues only. If people want to address specific individuals, then let them have the guts to put their names on the paper and send it to the letters to the editor.

Don’t like the deer? Move out of Craig

To all Craig and area residents who do not like to live with the deer, elk, antelope, fox, icy roads and cold weather, move south to a big city where it is warm, brightly lit and sterile! How better can we spend a little time than to sit at the breakfast table watching God’s lovely creatures.

Thank you Daily Press for this column — just read it for the first time and thought we could use something like this for a very long time.

Men and women should be valued

There are too many men, too numerous to mention, who have had an amazing impact on my life, to imagine a world without men. There are too many women (most prominently my best friend and wife, Nadine), too numerous to mention, who also have made an incredible impact on my life.

I, for one, am glad that we live in a culture that has chosen to value men and women for their special talents and abilities. We are still working out the details and there are, unfortunately, militant views on both sides of the issue. But I am reminded during January that a world without Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks might look very different today.

Locally, a Craig without women and men who weave their care and commitment through the very fabric of our small town, would be disastrous.

Maureen Dowd has become famous for her provocative musings, which is another great success of our culture (it wasn’t always this way for female writers).

However, when I wrap my arms around my wife or catch my boys when they race to jump into my lap — I am reminded, and made certain, that all of us are needed and all of us have a purpose regardless of our gender.

It’s not always a smooth road we travel, but I’ll take the bumpy ride over the smooth any day –he trip and destination are so much more rewarding!

Editor’s note: On Friday, an article in the Craig Daily Press posed the question: “Are men necessary?”

Money spent in Craig stays in the area

In response to the consumer who found Norton Anti-Virus at Wal-Mart for $29 and said that the prices were $15 to $20 higher in Craig, I have to ask, “Where did you look?” I just purchased a Norton Anti-Virus at the Copy ShopComputer Corner for $34.95.

The wear and tear on my car does not cover the difference between shopping locally and shopping in Steamboat Springs or Grand Junction.

You cannot compare Wal-Mart to the local stores. Wal-Mart deals directly with the companies that make the products, not a middle person, such as the merchants in Craig have to deal with.

Shopping locally is not just about saving money; it is about supporting your community and supporting your neighbors.

Money spent in Craig stays in Craig.

But if you are not a business owner, you cannot begin to fathom the concept of what it takes to run a business.

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