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Speak Up for Jan. 24

Editor’s note: Diamonds & Spurs, a Craig Rotary Club fundraiser, is at 6 p.m. Saturday.

‘Do a little changing’

As I read the article in Friday’s edition regarding the Diamonds & Spurs fundraiser, I find myself furious with Samantha Johnston’s comments regarding other organizations holding fundraisers in the same month as the Rotary. I think the group was quick to blame other fundraisers for low interest in its function.

I believe the people in the community all choose which event to attend and which organization to help support. The Mystery Dinner Theater that was mentioned is something different and new for the community. The Woman of the Year dinner that is planned, again, is something different.

I think some of the organizations in the community need to realize that their functions need a little changing from time to time.

Instead of pointing fingers and blaming other much-needed fundraisers, do a little changing yourself.

Look a bit deeper

The Craig Rotarians are upset because other fundraisers were held the same month as theirs. Come on people, we live in a small town, where many organizations and groups try very hard not to duplicate a specific fundraiser that “belongs” to a group, but to try to take ownership of an entire month is absolutely ridiculous.

I would like Samantha Johnston to try to find a month when there is not another function going on throughout the year.

I think the Rotarians need to look a bit deeper as to why their ticket sales are down.

Editor’s note: Some residents are angry about deer damaging their property and grazing in their yards.

Their space

We are living in areas where the deer are supposed to be. It is not their fault we infringe on their natural habitat. If it is a great concern about the plants, try hanging the cardboard car air-fresheners from those plants.

The deer hate it, I am told. One of the most unique aspects of living in Craig is that you can see deer eating on the front lawn. Controlling them makes as much sense as asking ranchers to keep their cattle from making too much noise. A cost-effective use of Division of Wildlife money? I think not.

Another aspect of Craig is the snow and its unexpected, often unpredictable appearance. We have a hard-working road crew, which work hours that not many would want and they are on call most of the winter.

To expect them to anticipate the next storm and be at the intersections before the ice is a bit unrealistic. Once again, think about where you live. Slow down when the snow starts to fall and assume it is going to be icy.

Glad about gas prices

Thank you Craig gasoline merchants for finally doing the right thing and bringing our gas prices in line with the rest of the state.

It was a joy to drive through Kremmling, Steamboat Springs, Silverthorne, Meeker, Rifle and Glenwood Springs and see that our gas prices are finally lower! Miracles do happen.

Now, a word to the local merchants in retail: You whine about us taking our business out of town. I just purchased a copy of Norton Anti-Virus for $29 at Wal-Mart.

In Craig, it was $49 at several locations and $37 at one place.

Please, why would anyone shop here when we are insulted by the greed of such higher prices?

Think about it local merchants. It does not cost you that much more to do business with us.

I, for one, am very excited about a new Wal-Mart.

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