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Speak up for Feb. 7

Don’t point fingers

A couple of comments on the letters in the Jan. 31 Craig Daily Press.

First, the one about whether putting people’s names to address specific individuals: Well as sure as my coffee is not clear in the mornings … around here if you do that, a lot of fingers will be pointed and your name is “MUD” by morning. So this is a good thing. Anyway, why does a name make a difference in an opinion? It’s still someone’s opinion without a name. You just can’t point the finger!

If you want names, start thinking about all the grasshoppers we might have this summer. Start thinking of names now for them, then you can get the one that spits on you and shake your finger and say “You dirty rat, you’re the one.” Do you know how many times a person signs his name a day for everything? Me neither, but this is one less time.

Then, there’s the buy Craig thing. Now we all know that our largest shopping experience here has no prices, no help and no stock. Then maybe someone didn’t know the Copy Shop had the Norton’s Anti-Virus. They only advertise copiers it seems. I wouldn’t have thought of it.

Keeping money in Craig does mean shopping here. But how many shop owners have bought their last snowmobile out of town, clothes, cars … get the dirt? One little Norton Anti-Virus isn’t the big picture. You need to have the stuff, good customer service and change your ads to let people know.

Now for my gripe: There are so many blind corners in this town. Take La Plaza for instance, when it is full you have to get so far out in the street to see south past the longer vehicles.

Why is this allowed to happen all over? Look past the trees north out of the Bank of the Rockies in the summer? Can’t see a thing.

Past the tree on Ninth? Now I will sign my name to this for you.

Signed, a free citizen, aren’t you?

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