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Speak up for Feb. 14

Editor’s note: Readers were quick to react to last week’s story about a ranch worker who died in an elk pen. Officials determined the man, John W. Renner, died of heart failure. He had not been gored, though scrapes and a puncture wound indicated the elk, named Clyde, had been in contact with the victim. The incident raised the issue of whether the elk should be considered dangerous and destroyed. Response to the Daily Press reader forum and Speak up line overwhelmingly opposed destroying the elk, and a reader poll on the Daily Press Web site got more than 350 votes. More than 90 percent of voters were opposed to destroying the elk.

The elk’s owner told the Daily Press that he has decided to let Clyde live.

Here’s a sampling of comments.

I’ve heard on the news that Clyde most likely will be “put down.” This is wrong, Clyde was only doing what elk do, being wild.

The man was warned not to go onto the pen, so it seems to me that it is his own fault.

I am no expert on wildlife or anything, but I have common sense enough to stay my distance. My husband has been an elk hunter for 20-plus years and knows the dangers out there.

Please pass this on to the owner of the ranch. It is wrong to kill the elk.

P.S. I am not one of those animal rights activist wackos, just a lover of animals.

I think that they should let the elk live. He was defending himself from what he thought was a threat. He probably wouldn’t have acted the same in the wild because he would’ve run away. It’s kind of hard to run when there’s nowhere to run to.

I am sorry but I really don’t think Clyde should be killed for killing John Renner. I think he should go on living so that he will not be missed, even though John will be missed, too. Let him live.

— From an animal lover

in Grand Junction

Clyde the elk should not be put down. The elk is a wild animal that was only doing what was natural for him.

I am truly sorry that a man lost his life yesterday at the Wyman ranch, and I will pray for his family and friends. But — what purpose will it serve to kill the elk? It’s not like it is a dog, running free, who might attack again. The elk is in a pen and won’t have a chance to hurt anyone else unless they put themselves in harm’s way by going in with him.

Editor’s note: Speak up also got a reaction to a story about teens abusing prescription drugs.

A teenager says prescription drug abuse results from boredom. The comment suggests that there’s nothing to do in Craig. My question then is why, in Los Angeles, where recreation opportunities abound, is the drug problem among teens just as rampant? Boredom is not an affliction; it’s a rationalization. No one seems to have the answer to drug abuse, but it’s really not fair to blame boredom for our choices.

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