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Speak Up for Dec. 27

Time to resign?

I think it’s time that somebody calls for the resignation of Craig Chamber of Commerce President Christina Currie.

Although Christina is active in the community and probably has some good opinions and ideas, the leadership of an organization is critical to its success.

The Chamber board of directors hasn’t exhibited the guts to make the necessary change. But the bottom line is that the sign of an ineffective leader is the crumbling walls around her — the resignations because of the negativity on the board are only just beginning and things will get much worse before they get better.

It must also be a terrible conflict of interest for a reporter at the Craig Daily Press to also be at the center of a lot of controversy and debate –an the Craig Daily Press truly be fair about this issue?

Editor’s note: Christina Currie is assistant editor at the Craig Daily Press. Earlier this month, after six months as executive director of the chamber, Annette Gianinetti resigned.

‘I’ve got mine’

I have watched with interest the efforts of the local (Moffat County Economic Development Partnership) group. These people are spending a lot of their own time and money to help the business climate of Moffat County.

The thing I find hard to believe is that every business in town is not involved.

If you don’t have time to personally get involved, at least support the group financially. The entire community suffers from the, “I’ve got mine, I don’t need anyone else” syndrome. The only way Craig will continue to be a healthy town is if everybody watches out for everybody. The economic development people are trying to do just that.

Make them examples

I finally decided to speak my mind and let the people concerned know how I feel about all the problems with meth this town is having.

In the past, it has been said that the local police department is unable to control it. And yes, this may be true. When they make a major bust, as they did Dec. 21, what will probably happen is the courts will drop the charges, as has happened in most cases this year.

Now that they have these people, why not say, “enough is enough” and make examples of them? I think I speak for most of the people of Northwest Colorado. We are tired of all the problems with meth and the effects it has on our families and the community. I don’t think the problem is our local law enforcement; the problem to me seems to be the courts and the district attorney.

Editor’s note: Police arrested 18 people last week after a six-month undercover drug investigation.

Making a wrong turn

I would like to have something published about the entrance to Kmart and people leaving the entrance and turning left. There’s a sign published that there’s a right turn only. A truck loaded with a horse trailer is even doing it. A cop needs to sit there or start giving tickets or something. That needs to be addressed again.

Crime Stoppers question

I would like to bring to the attention of the Craig Police Department the subject of reporting a crime to Crime Stoppers. Why don’t the police investigate when someone reports a crime? I have called a few times to report a crime and nothing is done. No one shows up or calls. I understand you get a lot of calls and can’t answer them all. But when someone is sure that there is a crime being committed, nothing is done. So what use is it to call? I see, if the police don’t like you or you are not up to the public standards, you have no right or protection. So why is crime up? Go figure.

Family should get along

I have lived at Columbine Apartments for five years and have seen many managers come and go –ome good and some bad and some real good at intimidating and controlling.

A while back, there was an article about the family fight between the manager and his brother, a tenant whom I have known for many years. (The tenant) has gone out of his way to help a lot of us here. He had neck surgery and was in a wheelchair and on oxygen for two months, as we all saw. The manager has done a great job cleaning up and getting the drugs out of here (some of it anyway). But like the cartoon in the Daily Press a couple of years ago that showed the manager with a machine gun on top of Columbine Apartments — well that said enough.

I am glad we have a manager who is dedicated to his job, but sometimes you can let your job go to your head, as seen in our city government. All I am saying, is it is appalling that family can’t get along and help each other and it is embarrassing that a manager would let this happen to his brother and the tenants here. You should be ashamed.

Not just ‘Demoncraps’

In response to Mr. Sexton’s letter, “Pull out of Washington, D.C.,” let me ask this one question: What does gun control have to do with the war in Iraq?

If you could only hear what most of the soldiers are really saying about the war, how most really feel. I served my country — and still do –nd I didn’t understand then, or now, why Iraq? Afghanistan sure, no problem, I was more than happy to serve.

Don’t get me wrong, I may not support the war, but I support every soldier in this country. And by the way, I am a Republican. So much for just the “Demoncraps.”

Editor’s note: On Dec. 21, Rob Sexton wrote a letter criticizing anti-war members of what he referred to as the “Demoncrap Party.”

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