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Speak up for Dec. 20

‘Enough is enough’

The residents of Craig truly should be proud of the way they support charities and nonprofits.

It is one of the few places I have lived that that is true. The problem is the constant requests that we get for donations. On top of the constant walk-in requests, we also get the requests from bigger agencies. The Boys & Girls Club of Craig is certainly a worthy agency, but if they have to raise funds every day, all year long, maybe Craig can’t afford the club.

The community needs to come up with a plan that cuts down on the need for constant fundraising. I would gladly pay an increased property tax to help all the agencies, to cut down on the time I spend on these donations and spread the fundraising out over the entire population, rather than just the local businesses.

All of these organizations are probably worthwhile, but enough is enough.

If my child is going on a trip somewhere, I assume that is my responsibility to pay for the trip, unless that entire organization raises the money.

The local businesses shouldn’t be burdened by supporting these children’s trips, the parents should.

The only time I see most of these people in my business is when they want a donation.

Again, if these nonprofits want the local business community to support them, they need to support the local businesses.

Blind leading blind

Whine and cry some more because you don’t have revenue or enough tax money to keep Shadow Mountain Clubhouse open or to build a new hospital. But don’t do anything to make things better.

I’m talking about Triple Crown and Wal-Mart.

All you ever think about is hunting season and the month of revenues it brings.

We need things that are year round. And if our city fathers have a problem with that, then go home and close your curtains and curl up and die. But don’t take Craig with you.

Maybe we need young blood or at least warmer-blooded people to make some of these decisions.

I remember when we could have had the airport here in Craig. But no, the fathers couldn’t have that, either.

Look around. All I see is the blind leading the blind.

Editor’s note: Triple Crown, which organizes and markets amateur sports, is seeking land in the area to build a 16- to 24-field sports complex. Craig City Manager Jim Ferree said no one in Craig has come forward with the 120 acres to 160 acres Triple Crown needs for the complex.

Service not well-done

I am a mother and a local business owner who used to frequent (a local restaurant). My husband and I would go in once or twice a month and take our entire staff and/or our account reps to eat and then have drinks afterward. Each occurrence would cost us anywhere from $150 to $400.

This no longer will be happening because of our being forbidden by the restaurant manager to come back. I’m sure you are asking why we were “86ed.” The reason is simple. We complained that our prime rib steak was not cooked to our satisfaction. Everyone usually orders the prime rib. We try to make our nights out on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Those are the only nights the restaurant serves prime rib. We have sent our steaks back on a few occasions to get them cooked properly. Each time, they came back, and we were satisfied with the new steak.

Then one night, we were told to leave and never come back. The restaurant manager came to us and said, “We obviously can’t cook the steak the way you like it, and we have told you to never come back.” I replied that we had never before been told we could not return and asked why we were being told not to come back. The response I got was, “The steak is cooked to 115 degrees and well within the medium-rare temperature guidelines, and it’s not good enough for you, so we don’t want you back here.

I replied, “The prime rib is dried out, brown all the way through, there is no blood on the plate and it could have sat under a heat light for four days and still been 115 degrees.”

I also said, “I can’t believe you’re throwing us out because your cook cannot cook a prime rib, but if you don’t want our business or money, we’ll leave and we won’t come back.”

Her only response was, “Good, thank you.”

The moral of this is, if you want a really good prime rib, go to Sleepy Cat in Meeker.

But if you go to (local restaurant), then for God’s sake, don’t complain about anything or ask them to cook a steak any differently than what they bring out, or you may get thrown out, as well.

Since when does poor training or overcooked meat take precedence over customer satisfaction? What happened to the customer is always right? Do they get that much money from hunters and seasonal power plant workers that the locals don’t matter anymore?

What’s worse, is if they treat the seasonal help and tourists, who bring in a lot of revenue, the same way, then what does that say about us as a city?

I’m embarrassed to have them within city limits.

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