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Speak up for Dec. 13

Feeling duped

Was it just me, or did everyone else in the room at the commissioners meeting feel duped by gathering there for the meeting on Shadow Mountain Clubhouse?

The decision had apparently already been made, as the revelation was made halfway through the meeting that there was no budget entry for Shadow Mountain for fiscal year 2006.

So why the meeting then?

Why was the meeting room packed with a dozen or more in the hallways as overflow?

We could have stayed home.

Mean-spirited decision

Closing the Shadow Moun–tain Clubhouse was a mean-spirited decision by the commissioners.

I personally do not use the clubhouse or pool, but many folks need the pool for therapy to survive. Even though I voted for 1A, as did nearly half of the voters in Moffat County, it’s apparent that the commissioners are going to make sure that all county residents suffer with cuts in areas that are unnecessary.

I would encourage all Moffat County residents to start scrutinizing the monthly expenditures that are posted in the paper.

Many expenditures appear suspicious and unnecessary. A couple of times I’ve noticed line items for paternity testing. I’d like to have someone explain how that can be a county expenditure. Also, note how much money leaves the county for items and services that could be spent here.

All this preaching about “buy local” and our own county can’t buy local. I’m disappointed with our commissioners.

Editor’s note: The Moffat County Department of Social Services occasionally funds paternity tests as part of its efforts to enforce child support

Just do it

One more suggestion regarding the gas prices in Craig. Please take the time online to contact U.S. Sens. Wayne Allard and Ken Salazar to tell them about the higher gas prices and the suspicion of price fixing/gouging. If we all keep contacting them, they will eventually take notice of our little corner of the world.

Quit sitting on your duffs and thinking there is nothing you can do. You can. Just do it.

While you’re at it, if you are a rural resident, begin calling Qwest on a bimonthly basis and ask them to please put your name on the list of persons interested in getting DSL (digital subscriber line) to the country.

A Qwest representative suggested this technique to help keep us in mind at the corporate level. Persistence pays when the money and power are not there.

A changed life

I am 17. I used methamphetamine when I was about 16. My life was going rough when I started using it.

My parents got a divorce, my dad never called, he never visited me on my birthday.

I was living with my older sister and my mom was never there. I felt my life was ending, and I thought every drug would help me get through my depression stage of wanting to kill myself. Meth was one of the drugs I liked to use. It made me so happy and so energetic.

I just kept using it. I was so addicted, but I didn’t care because I thought my life was going down in the dumps.

All I wanted to do was get away from my life and be happy for once. A couple of months later, I went to the doctor and she prescribed to me anti-depressant medication. It changed my life. Drugs to me sound so stupid and I regret doing them.

I just want to say anybody can change, all you have to do is try and have hope.

Repeating mistakes

I am writing in response to the two letters that you published Thursday.

Mr. Amedei and Mr. Kiser had rather strong opinions to Chloe Gilchrist’s use of the word “ruthless” in referring to the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagaski. I found their letters laden with emotional innuendoes and lacking in any real fact.

Although I do not wish to diminish the efforts and lives of countless soldiers given up on my behalf, I also wish to point out what Kiser forgot when he mentioned “both sides of the story.”

The use of the attack on Pearl Harbor to justify the bombings and resulting damage is not only morally abhorrent, it is also logically flawed. Pearl Harbor was a military base, while Hiroshima and Nagaski were civilian towns, full of thousands of people who had no such training or even a warning.

And although I am deeply affected by the account of Howard Burk, I wonder whether Amedei has spent the time to ponder the effects of the atomic bomb. How many children, women and men died? Thousands upon thousands. How many have been affected, and continue to be affected, by the mutilations caused, and the wanton waste inflicted upon their homes and their land?

The contempt with which Amedei speaks of foreigners not only shouts of a lack of knowledge and understanding, but it also breeds hatred. It is this prejudice that is the cause of most wars and furthers pain and suffering on both sides.

War is a terrible situation and acts that can only be called “ruthless” are prevalent on both sides. Without understanding and teaching this to the next generation, we as a nation will be doomed to repeat mistakes.

It is imperative to the future of our nation to eradicate the blind and bigoted views that Amedei so freely expressed.

With weapons of mass destruction so readily available, nations as a whole cannot be so foolish as to pretend other people with views that differ from ours do not exist.

Amedei insults the education system by implying that they don’t “teach what really happened.”

The purpose of an education is to understand the world around us, including those who are different. Only then can we avoid such drastic and utterly painful events as both Pearl Harbor and the destruction from the atomic bomb, as well as future horrific tales and hard, “ruthless” decisions that come from war.

Global joke?

I’m sure the bitter cold your headline showed (Dec. 9) is caused by global warming. Some joke, huh?

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