Soundbytes: If you could choose the sex and appearance of your child, would you do it? |

Soundbytes: If you could choose the sex and appearance of your child, would you do it?

Taylor Shrode, Junior – “Yes I would because it would be nice too see what your kid would look like before you had it.”

Jamie Brown, Senior – “Yes because I would rather my kid have brown eyes than blue but my genetics probably won’t work that way.”

Brynnae Dempster, Freshman – “No because they are their own person and they are what they are.”

Kaylie Clawson, Junior – “No because I believe that each and every baby is beautiful in their own way and if I changed the appearance it would be messing everything up.”

Mrs. Fross, Staff
– “No I would not determine the sex of my child because it’s more fun not knowing. My husband and I did that for our child and it was fun not knowing if it was going to be a boy or a girl.”

Tyler Ripka, Senior – “Yes because I’m not going to let my kid be ugly. I wanna have good looking kids…it runs in the family.”

Spencer Herbert, Junior – “No because you shouldn’t change the physical appearance of someone because they don’t have any say in what you’re doing.”

Conner Kopsa, Freshman – “Yes I would because then I would ensure it’s happy with it’s physical attributes.”

Mr. Schnellenger, Principal– “Life isn’t just a custom body shop in which we put together parts. Life is life and as a result of that, birth is a miracle and an amazing thing.”

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