Sonja Hammond: There’s good news in Craig, too |

Sonja Hammond: There’s good news in Craig, too

I am sorry I even picked up a New Year’s paper. It was nothing but bad news. I’m sorry you couldn’t find anything but bad stuff that happened in Moffat County over the last year. This is to inform you that we had quite a bit of good things over 2017.

For starters, we got rid of the president that was hell-bent on killing the U.S., starting with the Western Slope of Colorado. With the new president, we now have the coal mines working and not starting to close, as Hillary Clinton would have done if she had gotten in. Plus, our economy is better now than it’s been in years. It’s not great, and it’s going to take time, but for the first year after the Democratic party has been put on the back burner, we are seeing some progress in a positive way and not looking for Moffat County to all but shut down. At least we have hope for another three years.

Also, the hospital has come a long way since last year and years before. Also, there are businesses that have moved in larger buildings; that tells me that somebody must be doing somewhat better. I believe you, as a newspaper, could have reported just as many positives as negatives that you reported. If you’re a big newspaper, is that the way big newspapers tell the news? The people that had the newspaper beforehand needed a lot of help, and I figured you could get it in good shape, but I now have my doubts.

Thanks for making the year-end news a humbug of a year. I hope your new year is better than your last year, because my 2017 has been OK. (Yes we had deaths, but that’s just life; everybody has to go sometime, but is that a way to close out the year?)

And while I’m at it, just what are your reporters doing to get the news? Has anybody thought about going out to Colowyo and finding out what they’re doing with the Collum project? Plus, how about our commissioners; what are they doing? I heard that they haven’t checked on what is going on out there, what they are doing and how much this project is going to do for Moffat County.

Everyone can gripe and complain that nothing is going on for the future. Why don’t some of the Moffat fathers get off their backsides and grab a reporter and take a trip south and check out Colowyo, then put it in the paper for the community to read. That should be positive and could be good news!

Sonja Hammond