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‘Someday’ dawns

Wife, mother publishes devotional book inspired by scripture, personal experience

Bridget Manley

— Michelle Peters didn’t set out to write a book.

The meditations, prayers and reflections stored on her computer – the result of 10 years’ work – weren’t originally written for print.

Yet today, she’s the author of “A Deeper Walk,” a spiritual devotional book colored by Peters’ life experiences.

The story of how her writings went from computer to the page lies in her travels on life’s twisting road that didn’t begin in earnest until her mid-20s, when Peters began seriously thinking about her faith.

Peters has always believed in God. But after marrying her husband, Mark, something inexplicably changed.

“I became more serious with my relationship with Jesus,” she said.

She began journaling, thinking and meditating. Those activities led to short reflections she wrote and compiled on her computer.

As her collection grew, she considered publishing it in a book.

“I would think, ‘Maybe someday,'” Peters said.

She posted some of her pieces on a Christian Web log and received some positive responses from readers.

Still, no book.

After having a son, Luke, 11, and a daughter, Rachel, 1, “someday” finally came.

“I just felt like it was finished,” she said.

For her, a decade of work recently culminated in a contract with the publishing company PublishAmerica.

The awaited book contains a combination of Scripture passages and divinely inspired personal insights, she said.

Her work didn’t form in a vacuum. Instead, they were forged in the highs and lows of daily life, she said.

She writes about good times and bad – the mountains and the valleys, she calls them – with the hope that those experiences will resonate with her readers.

“Like any other thing in life – learning how to ride a bike, whatever – (we want) to go to a person : who’s been there,” she said.

And Peters has been there.

One section of her book entitled “The Storm” contains reflections she made during a dark time in her life.

“It was definitely a valley experience,” she said.

Peters prefers not to talk about that time in detail. Instead, she focuses on the wisdom she gained in “the valley” – wisdom she believes came directly from God.

She included her reflections from that time in the hopes it will touch someone else experiencing similar circumstances, she said, adding that the book “meets you at your point of need.”

“It’s very human that way,” she said.

Peters still awaits for her hard copy of the book, which she expects to receive from Publish-America in four weeks. When she receives the first copy, she will take it to bookstores in Craig, Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction, hoping to find a place to sell 10 years worth of work.

Yet, Peters has no sales goals.

From her perspective, the book doesn’t belong to her.

It belongs to God, she said.

While waiting for the arrival of her first published work, she’s working on a second devotional – another collection of personal reflections.

“The (first) book is finished,” she said. “My writings never end.”