Some Craig residents reporting vehicle issues after fueling up at north Kum & Go |

Some Craig residents reporting vehicle issues after fueling up at north Kum & Go

Company says it will cover expenses for those affected by the bad fuel

Pumps at the north Kum & Go at 895 Yampa Avenue are back in order Thursday afternoon, April 22.

Jacqueline Rutledge was in the midst of moving to Craig from Texas late last week when she stopped at the north Kum & Go at 895 Yampa Avenue.

Rutledge filled up the 26-gallon gas tank of her 2019 GMC Yukon Friday around 2 p.m. April 16.

Then she started noticing problems with her brand new vehicle.

“It really started bogging down and sputtering, and then it happened to me again on Sunday,” Rutledge said.

After turning the car off Sunday morning, Rutledge says it took roughly 8 tries to restart it. Finally, she called a tow truck — and began to suspect diesel may have been put into her tank, rather than standard gas.

That’s when she discovered the post on the Craig Community Chat from Stacy LeBlanc who also reported issues with fuel from the north Kum & Go.

“Once I talked to her, I figured out it was anything but diesel,” Rutledge said. “We’ve been told its called phased separation and not diesel, so they’ve flushed my gas tank and lines.”

Currently, the staff at the Kum & Go is taking down names and contact information from those affected, which is then passed onto corporate, which has created a claims form to try and make things right for those affected.

“Here at Kum & Go we guarantee the quality of our fuel. Unfortunately, at our 895 Yampa Avenue location on April 15th and 16th, we fell short of that guarantee,” the corporation said in a statement. “If you and your vehicle were impacted, we are here to help. Please file your claim here:

“We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced, we will do everything we can to remedy it.”


Susie Crawford of Craig filled up her Dodge Durango on Friday morning at Kum & Go before traveling with her husband to Casper, Wyoming. Along the way, Crawford said they didn’t notice anything unusual with the vehicle until reaching their destination, where the vehicle started acting up.

“It was kind of lugging and was almost like the engine was shaking. Then, the check engine light came on,” Crawford said. “We went to a Dodge dealership in Casper and had the codes cleared; they said we should be fine after that. It never dawned on us that we had bad fuel.

“So after that, we topped off with premium fuel and came home Sunday. It still didn’t seem right when we got home, and then I saw the post.”

Crawford quickly went to Kum & Go on Monday, April 19 and got on the corporation’s list to file a claim.

From there, Crawford said Victory Motors was great with her, saying they’d get her Durango into the shop as quickly as possible, while the third-party claim adjuster working with Kum & Go offered to arrange for a rental car.

“They are going to take care of the cost of any bills,” Crawford said. “Kum n Go, the staff there…everyone has just been so professional and taken care of this quickly and courteously.”

Much like Crawford, Krystal Price found herself on a roadtrip to Rangely Friday after filling up Thursday, April 15 at the north Kum n Go.

On her drive, Price said she noticed nothing out of the ordinary with her vehicle. When she came home though, both her and her husband’s vehicles began acting up, so they took them to a shop.

The Kum & Go at 895 Yampa Avenue in Craig. (Joshua Carney / Craig Press)

“It wasn’t until I got back – luckily – that it started bogging out, then started smoking out,” Price said. “It started spitting stuff out of the exhaust too, and stopped running entirely. We had it towed on Monday.”

As of Thursday, Price and her husband’s vehicles are still in the shop waiting to be looked at to determine the issue. However, both have claims with Kum & Go and will have all costs of the tow and work done in the shop covered by the corporation.


Though Kum & Go, is still uncertain as to what caused the issues the corporation has received praise from some of those affected, stating that they’ve been very cooperative and communicative throughout the whole ordeal.

Errol Ormesher filled up around 7 p.m. on Friday, April 16 and immediately noticed some issues with his truck.

“There was grey smoke coming out the exhaust as well as rough starting and a weird idle,” Ormesher said in a Facebook message Wednesday to the Craig Press.

After seeing the thread on Facebook regarding the issues, Ormesher got his name on the list at the Kum & Go and quickly received a claim number.

“So far they’ve been very cooperative as far as getting the issue fixed,” Ormesher said. “They offered me a rental vehicle, which I didn’t need since I’m borrowing a work truck until the vehicle is fixed, and also offered towing as well. As far as damages, they’re leaving it mostly up to shops to decide what the vehicle needs and diagnosing any additional problems it could’ve caused.”

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