Simple tips to get wipers in check |

Simple tips to get wipers in check

J.B. Chapman, Owner of Chapman’s Automotive

When preparing your car for the winter months, it is very important that your windshield wipers don’t get overlooked. A simple quality test is to pull on the end of the wiper. If the rubber is separating away from the blade, now is the time for replacement. For premium year-round use, I always recommend NeoForm wiper blades. They not only freeze-up less than most wipers, but they also hug your windshield better to clean water and bugs away consistently.

While we’re concentrating on our winter vision, let’s not forget the defroster. The obvious here is that warm air melts ice. But remember, the amount of warm air moving through the vents will determine just how fast and how long the windows stay defrosted. A commonly missed item is maintaining a clean cabin air filter. Many of today’s vehicles are equipped with a filter that cleans your fresh incoming air and gets easily plugged from leaves, dust, and other debris. Consult your repair professional to determine whether or not your vehicle has a cabin air filter and what the warm air temperature output should be when Old Man Winter arrives.

To finish prepping for the winter months ahead, make sure that you carry an extra gallon of de-ice washer solution in your automobile. It is generally twice as strong as the “summer blend” of window wash and helps get the road spray off your glass on the coldest of Northwest Colorado’s days.

Free safety/winterizing inspections are available. And remember, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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