Silver Bullet golf results from July 11 and 12 |

Silver Bullet golf results from July 11 and 12

Gross scores for fifth flight


1. Candy Hammerich/102/97/199

2. Marisa Mortensen/99/105/204

T3 April Branstetter/106/103/209

T3 Sharon Key/108/101/209

5. Kathy Rapp/107/105/212

T6 Linda Bedinger/107/106/213

T6 Nancy Stevens/104/109/213

T6 Suzanne Caldwell/105/108/213

9. Susan Brayman/108/114/222

10. Barbara Griggs/112/114/226

Gross scores for fourth flight


1. Ann Irvin/93/91/184

2. Jackie Heuer/92/95/187

3. Nancy Grier/97/99/196

4. Dee Hoaglund/97/102/199

T5 Dixie Ficklin/101/99/200

T5 Joan Mortensen/93/107/200

T7 Danyielle Cummings/102/99/201

T7 Marlene Jossi/102/99/201

T9 Jeana Pittman/103/100/203

T9 Terry Roush/100/103/203

Gross scores for third flight


1. Romaine Hamilton/90/93/183

T2 Jo Cornett/95/91/186

T2 Rena Carver/85/101/186

4. Kay Ambrose/94/95/189

5. Sara Wheeler/96/95/191

6. Lynn Kern/94/99/193

T8 Denise Turner/100/95/195

T8 Sandi Seip/102/93/195

T10 Christy Rolando/96/101/197

T10 Karen Elsea/100/97/197

Gross scores for second flight


1. Vicki Riley/86/86/172

2. Connie Badinie/89/86/175

3. Mary Nelson/89/88/177

4. Donna Greager/86/92/178

5. Jane Cole/88/91/179

T6 Cindy Reynolds/90/96/186

T6 Shannon Tittle/92/94/186

T8 Diana Robertson/91/96/187

T8 Sheila Naski/92/95/187

T8 Susan Utzinger/92/95/187

Gross scores for first flight


1. Jeannie Hay/85/79/164

2. Robin Walker/80/85/165

T3 Heather Nicholson/88/82/170

T3 Kim Ware/83/87/170

T3 Nondis Lowther/83/87/170

T3 Pam Buerger/85/85/170

7. Allison Webb/85/86/171

8. Megan Sears/85/88/173

T9 Francis Baer/91/86/177

T9 KayLyn Nerby/87/90/177

T9 Tammy Warnke/85/92/177

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