Shirley Simpson: Loudy disappointment |

Shirley Simpson: Loudy disappointment

To the editor:

I find it necessary to write and express my complete disappointment with the condition in which Loudy-Simpson Park was left Sunday.
I attended a birthday party at the park late Sunday afternoon for my nephew. Upon arriving at the park shortly after the previous party had left, I was appalled to find the condition of the picnic area. There were garbage barrels filled so high with trash that we had to empty them in order to have room for our trash, what appeared to be ice cream melted and left lying on the concrete near the picnic tables and the small garbage cans placed outside were overflowing to the point where the lids would not close. We took pictures of the mess making sure they were dated and time stamped, to show it was indeed not our mess. Considering there is a $500 damage deposit, which must be paid in advance, we wanted there to be no mistake in how we found the park upon our arrival. We spent nearly 30 minutes wiping up the sticky mess from the concrete, picking up plastic water bottles blowing all over the park, paper cones that once held cotton candy and various other pieces of trash blowing across the lawn. I sincerely hope their damage deposit is not returned. Perhaps it should be given to those of us who spent the time cleaning up the mess. We did not clean it up because it was our responsibility, but because it was the right thing to do.

Shirley Simpson