Shirley Seely retires as Craig’s city clerk and personnel director |

Shirley Seely retires as Craig’s city clerk and personnel director

Erin Fenner

Shirley Seely retired from her position as city clerk and personnel director Dec. 20.

She’s held her position with the city for 31 years, but said she was now ready for retirement.

“I’ve worked a long time; most of my life,” she said. “Now I’ve got to find something else to do, but it’s going to be good.”

Human Resources Coordinator and Deputy City Clerk Kathy Larson worked with Seely for 25 years and said she was sad to see her go.

“She was absolutely a blessing in my life. She treated everyone with kindness, fairness and objectivity,” Larson said.

City Councilman Don Jones agreed that Seely played an invaluable role in the city.

“She’s a cornerstone. She’s going to be very hard to replace: very knowledgeable (and) always pleasant. I’ll miss (Seely) a lot,” he said.

Seely is looking forward to start a new phase in her life.

“I’m ready for retirement,” she said. “I hope to spend more time with family, friends and do some different things for a while.”

Those different things include traveling and helping her husband on his ranch.

“We haven’t made any immediate plans, but hopefully we can go visit friends and do something like that,” Seely said.

She looks forward to helping her husband.

“I’ve always helped him on the ranch, but now it’s going to be easier to do it,” Seely said.

Larson is taking over some of Seely’s responsibility while the city looks for a replacement: a process that won’t officially start until after the New Year.

“She’s going to be a hard person to follow,” Larson said. “She cared very much about the citizens.”

Seely is excited to move on, but will miss her old position, she said.

“I’ve really enjoyed it. The council and the city has been a good place to work, and I learned a lot there,” she said. “I hope I took care of them pretty well. The main thing that I really enjoyed was serving the people — citizens of Craig.”

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