Shirley Cromer: Please coach again |

Shirley Cromer: Please coach again

To the editor:

I have come to find out that Ms. Debbie Tomlin isn't coaching the girls softball team this year.

I am not sure if this is true or not, but they say she was too strict of a coach.

If that is true, I just wanted her to know that I thought she did an outstanding job with the girls. She's a strong lady with strong ambitions — teaching our girls to be strong and to try their hardest.

I thought that was best, not just in softball, but also to be strong in other areas of their lives.

I know that my daughter thought the world of her and was upset that she was not coaching this year.

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Debbie Tomlin may be a strict woman, but that's what I liked about her, that she pushed the girls to do their best because she knew that they could do it.

And Debbie, I thank you for that. I hope you will be coaching next year please.

Shirley Cromer

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