Sheriff seeking new cars, cameras |

Sheriff seeking new cars, cameras

Josh Nichols

New cars and cameras are a few of the items on the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department wish list for the 2003 budget.

Four departments are budgeted through the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department, which are the Sheriff’s Department itself, emergency management, fire control and the jail.

In preliminary budget discussions, the department has requested $10,000 for the installation of additional cameras in the Moffat County Jail.

The new safety center was built one year ago with one camera in each jail pod, said Moffat County Undersheriff Jerry Hoberg.

There are four pods in the jail with 16 beds each.

The department is asking for enough money to supply an additional camera in two of the four pods.

Hoberg said having only one camera in each pod leaves blind spots in the cell.

Right now if an incident like an assault were to occur in one of the pods, there’s a chance that it wouldn’t get taped.

Two cameras will provide a full view of what happens in both

pods, Hoberg said.

The department is also asking for $26,500 for a new vehicle for the emergency management officer.

Right now emergency manager Clyde Anderson is driving a 1995 GMC Jimmy with more than 100,000 miles, Hoberg said.

He said this is the second year the department has asked for funding to get Anderson a new vehicle.

“When we asked for it last year, the commissioners asked if we could hold off a year,” he said. “It’s nickel and diming us to death. That’s why I think we’ll get it this year.”

Hoberg said Anderson needs an SUV to haul emergency equipment necessary in emergency situations.

Emergency items must be stored in the vehicle at all times because in the case of an emergency the officer does not have time to stop by the station to load the vehicle with necessary equipment, Hoberg said.

A capital outlay request has also been made for $2,000 for fire control.

Hoberg said the request was made so funds would be available when grant opportunities at the state level arise.

For example, he said, an opportunity recently arose to purchase a new fire truck with a Volunteer Fire Assistance/Rural Fire Assistance grant through the state forest service.

The county had to put up $1000, which totaled 10 percent of the cost of the vehicle and the state paid the other 90 percent of the vehicle cost.

The $2,000 would go in a grant-matching fund, but Hoberg said he expected that money might not be allotted to the department, and the department would instead have to go to the commissioners and ask for money when grant opportunities were available.

The department is also asking for a $6,000 increase for its capital outlay vehicle fund.

According to its budget request, the department has a need to purchase two new vehicles because two patrol cars have more than 100,000 miles.

Two new vehicles were purchased in 2002 for $42,515.

To make sure officers are driving reliable vehicles, the budgeting for the trade in of old patrols cars is an ongoing process, Hoberg said.

Now that each department has submitted its initial requests in public meetings, department heads have been asked to prioritize their requests, Hoberg said.

According to Hoberg and the preliminary budget, proposed expenditures for the Sheriff Department are about equal to what they were in the 2002 budget.

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