Shelter dogs will get a free training at the Center of Craig |

Shelter dogs will get a free training at the Center of Craig

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

Sue Sternberg, who runs the national Train to Adopt program, will be leading a free day-long dog training — from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. — for shelter dogs at the Center of Craig today. About 80 people from all over Northwest Colorado signed up for the program and will bring dogs from their shelters.

Laura Tyler, certified professional dog trainer, brought Sternberg out to Craig.

“I saw the need. I work with shelter dogs and new families training shelter dogs,” she said.

The dogs are going to be high-energy dogs with a tendency to misbehave, but a good heart, like most shelter dogs, Sternberg said.

“Train to Adopt is a program that involves very simple techniques that can be implemented by laypeople as well as trainers,” she said.

But, training dogs isn’t the end-all part of the program. It’s also about improving the quality of life for animals that live in shelters.

“There are very deteriorating effects of kenneling on dogs,” she said.

While Sternberg leads these trainings all over the country, she devotes special attention to the Western Slope.

“I want to give as much to my local community,” she said.

Tyler found several local sponsors to host the program, and expressed excitement at Sternberg leading the training in Craig.

“The program that (Sternberg) developed is just phenomenal,” she said.


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