Services at county hospital well rated |

Services at county hospital well rated

Customer service at The Memorial Hospital (TMH) in Craig has been rated as top-notch by patients. In a monthly survey given to in-patients, TMH scored an average of 4.4 of a possible 5 (with five being excellent) in the survey. The same survey is given to hospitals throughout the nation.

“In most cases we are doing as good or better than others surveyed in most comparison groups,” said Betsy Bair, TMH performance improvement director.

The survey is given to about 25 patients each month who are 18 or older and have been admitted as in-patients. The survey responses this quarter were from the beginning of 1999 January, February and March. The survey was developed by a company specializing in surveys and asks questions about details that make a difference during a hospital stay.

According to Bair, there are seven areas of questions asked on the survey. These areas are physical comfort, respect and caring for the patient, emotional support, involvement of parents and friends, continuum of care, transition and continuity and educational information.

TMH’s strongest area is physical comfort and respect. On the lower end of the scale is the continuity and transition stage. This part deals with patients who are discharged. According to Bair, this deals with different types of information given at the time of the discharge. Some patients may not understand items such as certain side effects of medication or how to properly treat a topical wound. But the problem is being addressed.

“We are setting up a team to improve this discharge process,” Bair said.

TMH Administrator Randy Phelps is pleased with the results of the survey.

“The results from the first quarter of 1999 are strongly positive,” Phelps said. “Patients feel positive toward the care they received at the hospital.”