Serpent stowaways |

Serpent stowaways

Brandon Johnson

It seems everybody in town has heard the rumor about exotic snakes sneaking into Craig on Entrega’s pipes.

The story has been told at the courthouse and local baseball diamonds. Even the guards at the pipe storage yard south of town have heard the tale.

According to the rumor, exotic and poisonous snakes from Mexico have stowed away on Entrega’s pipes and now call Moffat County home.

Entrega has about 90 miles of pipe stored south of Craig. The pipes will be used for a natural gas pipeline this fall.

Entrega’s pipes are shipped to Craig from Canada, not Mexico, and no one at the yard has seen any snakes, at least not any exotic ones.

“They’re not going to ride in this pipe,” said Jimmy Coburn, the foreman at the pipe yard.

Coburn said he hasn’t seen a single snake at the yard, just rabbits and marmots.

“There are no snakes out here,” Coburn said.

Coburn works for Pe Ben Industries of Alberta, Canada, the company in charge of Entrega’s pipe transport and storage.

The only concern Coburn and other workers have had was the rising Yampa River in late May and early June. Coburn said they were worried the river would flood the yard, but it never did.

Workers at the yard, including Coburn, have been asked about the snakes, but they just laugh it off.

“Somebody starts a rumor, and it won’t go away,” Coburn said.

Reanna Wischnak, a guard at the yard, said she saw a snake, but it was just a little bull snake, nothing exotic.

Like a lot of local folklore, the story about snakes in Entrega’s pipes made its way to the Moffat County Clerk’s office.

“We hear all kinds of stuff,” Brenda Lyons. said “This is information central.”

Lyons is quick to point out the rumor didn’t originate at the clerk’s office.

“I heard it at the baseball diamond,” Lyons said.

Entrega spokesman Dennis Needham said there is no evidence of snakes at the yard, but if there was, officials would find a solution.

“This possibly would be an alarming thing,” Needham said, “and we would take care of it right away.”

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