Seniors ready for final regular season game |

Seniors ready for final regular season game

Bruce Tippets

15 seniors.

That’s how many Moffat County High School football players will be playing their last regular season game at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the high school field against the Battle Mountain Huskies.

Bulldogs seniors are Brandon Carrera, Eric Duran, Adam Tucker, Seth Musgrave, Jeremiah Noland, Adam Peer, Frank Counts, Kurtis Kostur, Matt Johnston.

The rest of the seniors are Kevin Field, Jake Hettinger, Coalin Hume, Paul Hatcher, Curtis McCoy and Brad McDermott.

“It’s going to be our last game under the lights and we are going to be flying around,” said Carrera. “A lot of seniors might never play again, because we don’t know what is going to happen. We want to go out there and win.”

Kostur said having 15 seniors on the team has helped the Bulldogs with a succesful season.

“I think that Friday night will be a good game,” said Kostur. “We need to make sure that we win so that we can go on to state. It’s been fun playing with all my friends and it’s been a good season so far. It helps having that senior leadership on the team.”

Bulldogs coach John Haddan said the seniors have been very coachable.

“Without question the seniors have been a great bunch to work with,” said Haddan. “They have been coachable and they have worked hard. They have put in a lot of time. Several of the kids have made position switches and huge sacrifices personally for the good of the team. It’s just good to see a bunch of kids like that be successful.”

Haddan encourages the community to support the Bulldogs in the final regular season game of the year.

“It’s the last game of the year under the lights,” said Haddan. “It will be a special game for them and we sure would like to see a big crowd there on Friday night.”