Senior Spotlight: Working through the snags and knots of life |

Senior Spotlight: Working through the snags and knots of life

Mary Jo Brown/For the Craig Daily Press
Mary Jo Brown

Recently, I decided to use the leftover bits, pieces and odd skeins of yarn that are what remains from afghans made in the past. The yarn is kept in a tote that, when opened, reveals an array of colors but not a lot of any particular one. My daughter Jane and I laid out all of them to decide what the layout of this colorful afghan would be. Later, I decided this hodgepodge of yarn kind of resembled my life pattern, with its bits and pieces, snags and knots.

When I start out, I’m full of pep and vigor and end the day ready to take a timeout, not unlike the smaller-size yarn balls I use that don’t last long. The afghan has been started, and I’m feeling good while I am working on it, but then along comes a piece of yarn from the inside of the skein with a knot in it and a wad of yarn.

There is the similarity between the yarn and days I have had in the past. There have been times in my life when I was just fine, I didn’t wish for or want anything. Some of the days weren’t perfect, but I was OK with my life. Then bingo, one day along comes the snag or interlude when changes happen and everything seems tangled up for a while.

Working out the problems in my life are akin to working out the snags in my yarn. As I have grown older, I have learned how to get rid of some of them, but there always seems to be a stray piece that shows up along the way just when I think I am free of snags. Patience, I have found, is truly a virtue, and I have acquired more patience during certain phases of my life’s yarn and the snags I hit. Mostly, I have discovered that I still have the curiosity or drive in some situations to see if I can solve the problems that arise, just as I will work on the knots and snags in my yarn. I’ll give it a try for however long I feel the need to and put faith in myself and the energy I get from prayer.

I’m not trying to remake myself. Instead, I want to make the best of the blessings God has given to me, physically, mentally and spiritually — just as I try to make the best of the yarn I have left to make an afghan that can bring someone else comfort or pleasure in receiving it.

So my yarn and I will keep company for a while longer, and I’ll make some time to do other things that aren’t so mixed up also. Enjoy the week ahead and go on with finding the beauty that surrounds us even when we hit a snag.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Dominic Southard, Kyle Mayle and Rose Potter.


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