Senior Spotlight: Understanding all sides |

Senior Spotlight: Understanding all sides

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

My older brother used to tell me that I had a memory like an elephant because an elephant never forgets. Yet this month it seems like I have a problem getting things done on time. For some reason I’m just not as organized as usual and have to write down reminders to make sure I’m on top of things. I get things done thanks to the reminders but not always by the time they should have been completed.

It seems if I do more listening than talking, it is easier to remember things when I take part in a conversation — and I learn more. If you are interested in what the person you are talking to is saying and really pay attention to the conversation, you can pick up a lot by observing their body language and facial expressions. Although I don’t watch a lot of television, I do enjoy watching some of the live television programs that show how other people live in various places. Respect for family is seen differently depending on what part of the world you live in. Some cultures uphold the traditions of generations while others seem to have forgotten those and are on a “you come first right after me” mode of operations.

I suppose there always has been a certain amount of that going on, but with modern technology it is just more noticeable now, and we hear about it faster and more often. With all the types of media available, especially social media, it is easy for those that are upset with something to jump in and start voicing opinions, which sometimes add to the problem. It seems too many people either don’t understand what the situation is, don’t want to understand or feel they must voice their opinion no matter what the subject. Yes, we are supposed to be a nation that has the right to freedom of speech, but that freedom can be done in a more peaceful, respectful and straight forward manner.

There is a difference in how a person appears to others if they present themselves as I am an American and proud to be in a dignified respectful manner rather than, “I’m right and you aren’t because of who I am.” The way we speak gives an impression — good or bad — of who we are, and to those from other cultures we represent an entire nation. Thank God we live in the good ol’ USA. As a nation, we have our problems, but there are things we can do to try to help. Try to understand the situations and study both sides. There is good and bad in most things so support those who are truly trying to help us get back on the right track and don’t undermine the system by spreading gossip and rumor. It is going to take all of us supporting the constitution and what our forefathers stood for to heal this country. God bless America!

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