Senior Spotlight: The people of our lives |

Senior Spotlight: The people of our lives

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

The grey and gloomy weather seemed to match the way I was feeling. This past two weeks had seen the loss of a very close friend and two others whose loss also meant a lot to me. Lately I had been questioning my own place in this world and how I had lived my life so far. The passing of these friends brought those thoughts even more in to focus. As have many of those who have reached my age, I have experienced losses of loved ones, both family and friends. Some of them were expected, others sudden and all of them just as painful and heartfelt as the others. It doesn’t seem to matter if the one you lose is a parent, sibling, child or unborn child, there is still the feeling that the world should stop and recognize that everything has changed.

You might wonder why I mention an unborn child, as some seem to think there is a time frame when a child becomes a real person. My still born, premature son was every bit as part of my family, and even though the hospital at that time didn’t think he warranted a recorded birth because he was premature, in my mind he was and always will be very real to me. I don’t think you can put less value on a life simply because they didn’t get to breathe that first breath or have the heart beat outside of the womb. I have lost two sons and when I think of it, I realize what a blessing and a lesson they both were in their own special way. We need to focus on the good things that the person brought into our lives and how blessed we were to just be able to have them for however long they were here and a part of our life story.

I think people are in our lives for very special reasons and the experience can be a blessing or a testing but one way or another we will gain something from knowing them. My hope is that I am more of a blessing to others than a testing and can do what the Lord has put me here to do. The question that keeps coming to my mind is have I done enough and am I where I am now for a special reason? One of the people that passed this last week was my new roommate at the Haven. The day before she passed she had thanked me for helping her and said it gave her comfort to know I was in the next room. I find it comforting to know that even though I didn’t know her for that long I was able to do some good for her and believe it was no coincidence that the Lord placed me there when he did. Each day brings another chance to make someone else’s life a little better and make yours better too.

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