Senior Spotlight: The meaning of Presidents Day |

Senior Spotlight: The meaning of Presidents Day

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

The new month arrived in true February style with a little snow, sunshine and some wind thrown in. I have always called it the month of changing seasons with some days like winter, others like spring until a cold breeze reminds you what time of the year it really is. The groundhog has seen his shadow but as a friend of mine said, we would have had six more weeks of winter whether he sees his shadow or not. I suppose that is true but it is kind of fun to see how close we can come to guessing what the prediction will be.

Valentine’s Day is another part of February that is a “look forward to” day for some folks. I used to be big on giving Valentine cards to all my family, friends, co-workers and neighbors but as I have gotten older I cut down on that some. There are some people that I still make sure get a card or something on that day. I think you need to let those whom you love know it every chance you get because there are no guarantees on how long you will have them with you. It is not necessary to spend outrageous amounts of money to show your affection. There are many ways to show you care that don’t cost much. Hand written coupons that can be redeemed at any time and offer to do a chore, babysit, wash the car, and so on are free but can mean a lot. Breakfast in bed, a special dinner, spending time reading to a child or elderly person, are all things that can make someone feel special and many only require some time on your part. The whole point is to let those special people in your life know they are special to you.

Presidents Day is the other holiday that is observed during February, even though it originally started out as a celebration for President Washington’s birthday — the day was changed to be a time to celebrate all of the presidents. Like Independence Day, Presidents Day is supposed to be a time of patriotic celebration and remembrance, but I think a lot of people associate it with a long weekend when schools, banks and government offices are closed. This holiday like many others seems to have lost its meaning through the years due to the changing of attitudes, values and traditions. We need to remember the foundations of our country, the meaning behind traditions that honor our history and pass that on to the generations that will carry on after we are gone. Not all things in the “good old days” were all that good but there are ideals, values and manners that need to be taught to the younger generations. Show those you care about how to honor the past, prepare for the future and appreciate what they have been blessed with in the present

Happy birthday wishes to Jaceson VanGrandt and Joe Zurita and wishes for a speedy get well to all those who are ill.

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