Senior Spotlight: Still writing amid changes |

Senior Spotlight: Still writing amid changes

Mary Jo Brown/For the Craig Daily Press
Mary Jo Brown

Like the well-mentioned bad penny, this penny called Mary Jo is back to say hi, and I hope all is going well for all of you. I am now living at Sandrock Ridge in Craig (yes I know where will I go next) because this town is my home. The majority of my family lives here and I wanted to be closer to them, so here I am. The cards and visits I have gotten are really appreciated, as are the inquiries as to why I quit writing. I haven’t entirely quit but have had to get back to where I am more able to do as I used to and in that area I am getting somewhat better.

Being in Sandrock gives me new and different windows to look out of and a new piece of tapestry to explore. Even though I already know some of the residents here, there are also new friends to meet and learn life stories about. I don’t get out much yet but there is always bingo and other things to do here, and, who knows , I just might pop in on my pals at Sunset Meadows one of these days.

My daughter and I took a ride the other day out to Freeman Reservoir and it was beautiful. The aspens were not quite in full splendor yet but still had quite a few leaves, wildflowers were in full bloom in colors of reds, yellows and purples, and the different shades of green everywhere was a wonderful sight. Sunlight danced across the water as it lapped in the gently blowing breeze, making ripples across the reservoir, which was fuller than I had seen it for a long time. We sat there with the windows rolled down and enjoyed the quietness around us and the smell of clean fresh air, once in a while the birds would sing and the breeze rustled the trees making it a truly refreshing experience. Coming down the hill on the way back to town the views were just as wonderful, in the distance you could see freshly plowed fields that made a pattern as they mixed with fields of green. Occasionally you could catch a glimpse of the small brook that ran beside the road, wandering its way down the hill.

I hope to get my family together before the summer is over so that we all can enjoy at least one more family picnic in such a beautiful setting. We are given such blessings in all the beauty the Lord has created for us to enjoy, beauty that we are given to take care of. Summer is one of the best times for families to share these blessing and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Take advantage of the time you are given to spend it with those that you love and cherish those moments and the beauty around you.

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