Senior Spotlight: Spreading good |

Senior Spotlight: Spreading good

Jane Glanville/For the Craig Daily Press

Editor’s note: Mary Jo Brown’s daughter, Jane Glanville, wrote this week’s Senior Spotlight.

Once again, I enjoyed one of my favorite traditions of the season and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my mom, Mary Jo Brown. One of the parts I look forward to seeing the most are the marching bands, and this year was great with one of the biggest bands they have had in years. The crowds clapping and cheering make it so that you can almost feel the excitement in the air as you watch from home. The gathering of strangers to share an event such as a parade is an opportunity to spread good will and kindness. Unfortunately, the gathering of strangers also can turn ugly such as the riots this past week in Ferguson. It is not my place to say what is right or wrong, but I think that those that decided to participate in the riots should have put a little more thought into the outcome of their actions. Peaceful protest is a form of expression, but to tear a town apart, loot and burn is simply destruction and only reflects badly upon those involved. Exactly how does that behavior honor the life of the young man that was killed and his family, or how does it prove your opinion of the officer? To me, it doesn’t. Instead, it leans more toward giving credit to a poor opinion of those involved.

It is so important for us to spread the good and not give in to negativity and hatred, especially in this time and age we live in. There are so many standards that seem to have changed in the past decade and not always for the better. Subjects that would have never been acceptable or considered polite to discuss are openly portrayed on television and in movies. Sex, violence, rudeness, greed and materialism are just a few things that are pushed at us daily in some form or other. It must be our greatest effort to maintain the standards we know are right, those of politeness, generosity, helping, caring and pride in ourselves and how we live our lives.

Sometime the “old ways” are not necessarily ways that need to be changed just because it seems the rest of the world says it’s OK to do otherwise. There needs to be progress in our thinking and how we do things, but we don’t need to lose our self-respect and respect toward others in the process.

At this time of the year there is a lot of talk about peace on earth and good will toward men. This feeling should be continued throughout the year. Respecting others’ rights and lifestyles is fine, but it needs to make a full circle in that those you are respecting are doing the same by respecting you. We as Americans have more rights and freedoms than most other countries, but with those rights also come responsibilities. We must use those rights justly and responsibly and honor our freedom by using it for good.

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