Senior Spotlight: Small trips, warm days |

Senior Spotlight: Small trips, warm days

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

A couple weekends ago, the weather was perfect for a drive, so my daughter and I went to Meeker. I wanted to check out the Wallbridge Memorial Wing at Pioneer Medical Center and have a look at the new facility being built. We had a nice tour of the existing nursing home and while there I found out that an old friend of mine was a resident there. The residents were busy playing bingo, and I didn’t want to cause any interference so decided not to stop and say hello. Although we couldn’t get in to see the new facility it was mighty impressive even from the road, you can’t miss seeing it sitting atop the hill as you get close to Meeker.

The views all along the trip were full of the beauty of Gods work. Instead of being snowcapped the hills looked like they had been covered with a velvet blanket in shades of green, blue-grey and brown. Not all trees have budded out but the willows added splashes of color and promises of what was to come. Dandelions were the main flower in evidence in the fields, getting an early start on other “flowers” also known as weeds. Rivers, streams and ponds were full but not nearly as full as they need to be to make it through the summer so hopefully there is still a fair amount of run off to come. The serenity of the scene made up of flowing water, green fields and budding trees was a welcome breath of freshness after being inside for most of the winter. The smell of freshly mowed grass and the sounds of birds singing made it all that more delightful.

I had forgotten how spread out Meeker is. The times I have been there were mostly going through on my way to somewhere else. We took the time to rediscover Meeker and the phrase “all American town” came to mind as we drove around, up and down hills and through neighborhoods. Also noticeable was what people were wearing, which was more evidence of the changing of the weather. Coats had been replaced with t-shirts, shorts replaced snow pants and sandals were being worn instead of snow boots. It occurred to me that it was time for people to start loading up with suntan lotion, bug spray and other summer essentials. School is out within a month and vacations will start, summer will be in full swing along with all the activities that involves. Not only will there be recreational activities but winter repairs and seasonal duties such as getting lawns and gardens in shape.

One more time we have weathered the winter, the cold, and the hustle of the holiday seasons and can change gears going into the lazy days of summer to get some relaxation, outdoor recreation and family time. Whatever we do with the warm days ahead we should share a smile and help out when we can, it makes the days even brighter.

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