Senior Spotlight: Small acts of kindness |

Senior Spotlight: Small acts of kindness

Mary Jo Brown

These are changing times we live in and many ways more challenging than days gone by. We have resources available allowing us to live more comfortably and helping to see what is ahead. Medical tests, weather radar, computer programs and other modern marvels help us to plan ahead, and years ago I don’t think people were thinking of the future in the same way. There always have been those with an eye to the universe and space, but I think outer space is no longer thought of as just a source of moonlight for a romantic evening of moonlight and roses. Space travel, movies about space ships and aliens make for some interesting conversations or debates of what is out in the great beyond. I agree with the idea of space being limitless, but I think heaven is up there somewhere and is still my favorite place. The Earth is plenty big enough for me. I have no wish to go beyond in the physical sense of things. The difference in my outlook and those more scientific is I believe in a spiritual being that is loving and caring, who gave me the reasoning power to take my life and make the best of it. I can pick my own course. Called free will, our ability to make choices is God given, and right or wrong the decisions you make are yours alone and the consequences are yours to deal with also.

I’ve gone through tough times, but I found these turned out to be the ones where I learned more about myself than any other time. During the rough spots, I learned about my weaknesses, strengths and how to grow with each difficulty. In the past few years, the knowledge that it is good to be alive has become an idea I firmly believe in. There is, for me, a very giving companion in the Holy Spirit that leads me every step of the way on a path that he has already determined. The message behind the command to love your neighbor as yourself is one that has become very clear to me for loving your neighbor, being kind and caring is really what it is all about. Take the time to visit a neighbor who doesn’t get out much, call someone who is homebound, read or take a walk with someone in need of companionship. Look around and you will see someone who needs a little something to make their day better. With the vastness of the universe it is sometimes hard to think that you can make any difference at all. It is amazing what one small act of kindness can accomplish and how it will spread. Take the time to give it a try and you might be surprised at how good it will make you feel.

Happy birthday to Janette Harris, Sean Southard, Jane Brown and all those with birthdays this week.

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