Senior Spotlight: Signs of the season |

Senior Spotlight: Signs of the season

Mary Jo Brown/For the Craig Daily Press
Mary Jo Brown

The signs of a new season have been showing up all over with the colors of the trees and all the fall foliage. Along with that come the temperature changes that make it difficult to decide just exactly what to wear for the day. You might start out with a jacket on, decide it’s too hot and leave it at home, but the temperature drops before you make it home again and you’re caught wishing you had kept it on.

Yes, it’s the time of the year to start layering clothes in order to be comfortable throughout the day. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get children to keep those jackets on or even bring them home from school. Years ago, my grandson couldn’t find a coat to wear to school, and when his mom went to the school to check his locker, he had seven types of jackets in there.

There are other changes that come with this shift in the seasons. One is in the barometric pressure, making it a difficult time for those whose bodies are sometimes good weather gauges. Old bones or those who have been injured start to ache in anticipation of what lies ahead. With me, my legs start giving me difficulty in whatever I try to do — sit, stand or anything else. I manage to get around due to my friends Bengay and Aspercreme, with whom I meet on a regular basis this time of the year. I’m slower, but I manage to “get ‘er done” most of the time; I just tell my “get up and go” to go for broke and try to get as much done as I can.

The briskness in the air is also a factor in changes that affect a person, especially those who already have difficulty in that area. The cold air or lack of a proper amount of clothing can bring on those fall colds and illnesses that can happen no matter what age you are. Going from just right to “oh boy” suddenly is not good for a person and can happen with a change in body temperature, faster breathing of cold air or the sudden rain or snow.

Life hands us a lot of pits, and I often wonder where the cherries went. Then I realize they come in various forms of the good things we get in life. I give thanks every day for what I have, for even though each day seems the same, it is different in some way if we really take a good look at it. Take the cherries in your life, spit out the pits as soon as possible and go on to the next “whatever” it is that awaits you, and with God’s help you will make it, maybe a little slower but you’ll get ‘er done in the end.

Birthday greetings go out to Jennifer Miller-Voss, Diane Malone, Joan Zimmerman, Gene Schultz and all those with early October birthdays.

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