Senior Spotlight: Saying goodbye to my column |

Senior Spotlight: Saying goodbye to my column

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

Editor’s Note: This is Mary Jo Brown’s last column for the Craig Daily Press. Her memory loss has made it difficult for her to continue as a columnist. Please join the Daily Press staff in wishing her well and thanking her for all her years as a writer for our community.

One of the things I enjoy doing is writing. I began writing for the Craig paper many years ago doing columns in both the Empire Courier, and The Northwest Daily Press. One called “Out and About” and another called “Relatively Speaking.”

Having the position of Moffat County Seniors Activity Director gave me opportunity to meet people and know what was happening in Craig and surrounding areas. My columns were mainly about what was going on and who was participating in the events, also local family events and notices, just a basic who’s doing what or who is going where. Since the town was smaller it seemed like everyone knew everyone or had heard of them and local news held a distinct interest to the readers.

As the town got bigger, more spread out and populated the writing shifted a little, becoming more general and less personal. It’s kind of sad that what was once seen as polite interest in what was happening to our friends and neighbors in general has become regarded as an invasion of one’s privacy. There are many things that have gone away since the “good old days” and unfortunately in the process we seem to have lost touch with the heart of the community and interest in its simple day to day events unless there is something sensational going on.

Looking back on the 50 years I have lived in Craig, I can see many changes this community has gone through. My stay in Hayden has made me realize how attached I had grown to Craig and the people I have come to know here. Those I met in Hayden were wonderful, and The Haven was an excellent place to be, but I missed my home and my health is causing me to need more assistance than they can offer.

I now reside at Sandrock Ridge and find it slightly ironic that one of my first jobs in Craig was working there when it was known as Valley View. It seems that in a way I have come full circle. Part of my health issues are related to a stroke I had years ago affecting my thought process and memory, making it difficult at times to write an article. As a result I have decided to end my long association with the Daily Press and retire my column.

There is no way I could possibly thank all the loyal followers who read my column every week and have told me they have enjoyed doing so. I have been blessed with an ability to put words on paper and have it make sense but even more than that I have been truly blessed to have made friends along the way. Thank you for reading my scribblings all these years and remember be kind, lend a hand and spread Gods love in all you do. God Bless, Mary Jo.

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