Senior Spotlight: Loved ones and old friends |

Senior Spotlight: Loved ones and old friends

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

Easter is a symbol of new beginnings and that is something we can do every day, no matter what the day before brought us. Each new day is a chance to start over with a better attitude; after all your attitude sets you tone for the whole day. I hope everyone had an enjoyable and blessed Easter, without a calendar nearby, it managed to sneak up and pass me by. Seems like time and I are not keeping up with each other very well. I hope that will change with my new clock that tells the time, day, date and temperature.

Last week also brought some unexpected pleasures with the visits of my Grandson, Justin Gallegos and his son, Trey, from Bailey and the next day a visit from great-grandsons Dominic and Ricky Southard, from Colorado Springs, who were in Craig for spring break. It seemed to be a week of seeing those whom I hadn’t seen for a while such as my Great-granddaughter Jennifer and her daughter Addie, from Olathe, who also paid me an unexpected visit. We reminisced about when their parents were younger and I recalled the Easter egg hunts that used to happen at City Park no matter what the weather was. We lived across the street from the park so they would run over to our house when they were done. We had our own hunts in the back yard or, if it was too cold, in the house. Having it in the house wasn’t too bad unless all the eggs were not accounted for and then sometime in June or July you would start smelling something terrible and low and behold there was the egg that had disappeared.

Just as last week brought unexpected visits from my loved ones so can a positive attitude and the mind set to bring love and kindness into this world one person at a time. Bring unexpected blessings to those you help and in return to yourself. It is nice to make someone’s day brighter by sharing a simple message, spreading kindness, or helping someone out — that’s what it is all about. Along with Easter greeting cards from family, a beautiful card arrived from my friends at Sunset Meadows. I think of them often especially on the weekend when the guys have their backyard barbeques. Thank you to Maxine for stopping by to see me and a shout out to Fay, Sandy, Chris, Val, Ray, Dennis, Woody, Dotty and all I know there. Thanks for the card and when you barbeque have an extra helping for me.

How wonderful it is to see or hear from those who you just don’t get to spend enough time with. If at all possible we should all try to take advantage of the time we have and make it a point to spend time with those who are special to us. After all there is no guarantee on how long we will be able to do so.

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